Terms And Conditions

Terms And Conditions

Please note -
a) Only retail purchases qualify for Reward Points. 

b) Fuel, easy EMI, eWallet Loading, Cash advance, fees and other charges do not accrue any reward points.

c) Transaction amounts less than Rs. 150 will not accrue any Reward Points. 

d) Payment of at least Minimum Amount Due is required even if you are redeeming your Reward Points against outstanding on your Card Account. 

e) Reward points accrued will be reversed if a retail transaction is converted into SmartEMI.

f) Reward points accrued for Insurance transactions will have a maximum cap of 2,000 per transaction.

g) Reward points are valid only for 2 years from the date of accumulation. Eg : If you have received reward points in the month of April 2017, then same will expire in april 2019.

h) Reward points will lapse for card in inactive or Dormant status for more than 365 days.

i) Additional Reward Points will be credited in the subsequent statement cycle only for transactions which are classified under the 'Air', 'Travel',''Hotel', 'Restaurant' or 'Online' Merchant Category Code (MCC) as defined by VISA/ MasterCard.