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How can I invest in Mutual Funds?

InvestNow is a mutual fund investment platform for HDFC Bank customers where the customers get expert recommendations basis their financial goals & risk appetite. There are no registration charges for InvestNow account and it involves smooth onboarding & hassle free payments for the customers. You can register for InvestNow by Login to NetBanking -> Mutual Fund Tab -> Click on InvestNow Banner.

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Who is eligible to use InvestNow?
A residential Indian who has a single owner savings account of HDFC Bank can register for InvestNow. Your PAN needs to be KYC registered compliant as per SEBI guidelines. You can check you PAN status here:

How to avail InvestNow service?
Login to NetBanking -> Go to Mutual Fund tab -> Click on InvestNow banner and you’ll be redirected to the InvestNow platform. 

How do I add nominee in InvestNow?
To add a nominee for your investment, click on your profile & go to Add Nominee option and add requisite details of the nominee. 

Whom should I contact for any queries on InvestNow?
You can drop an email at for any queries pertaining to InvestNow. 

Can multiple accounts be linked on InvestNow?
No, only a single account can be linked for all payments & redemptions on InvestNow. 

​​​​​​​Is there any registration charge for InvestNow?

No, there are no registration charges for InvestNow. It’s a totally free account.