Commissions On Mutual Funds

Commissions On Mutual Funds

HDFC Bank is offered commissions for investment made under broker code ARN-0005. Any commission receivable is also subject to claw back as per the guidelines set by regulator, interpreted and laid down by AMCs.

In accordance with the SEBI circular: SEBI/IMD/CIR No. 4/ 168230/09 and RBI guidelines on Marketing/Distribution of Mutual Funds following are the details of commissions earned by HDFC Bank Ltd.


Commission, Brokerage and trail from Mutual funds

Fund Schemes


Equity Schemes

Equity Funds

0.13% to 1.95%

ELSS Funds

0.75% to 1.80%

Hybrid Schemes

Asset Allocation Funds

0.25% to 1.65%

Arbitrage Funds

0.35% to 1.00%

 Hybrid Funds

0.30% to 1.70%

Debt Schemes

Gilt Funds

0.07% to 1.05%

Income & Bond Funds

0.12% to 1.25%

Short Term Funds

0.05% to 0.85%

Liquid & Floating Rate

0.01% to 0.40%

Other Schemes

Index Funds

0.00% to 0.88%

For scheme wise commission on Mutual Funds, click here

This is on a best effort basis and rates are updated as and when actual rates are received from AMCs

Note :
1) With effect from 1st October 2015, HDFC Bank (AMFI Registered Mutual Funds Distributor) has "Opted-out" for transaction charge.
2) HDFC Bank (AMFI Registered Mutual Funds Distributor) acts a distributor of mutual funds wherein we distribute products of various mutual funds . HDFC Mutual Fund is one of the mutual fund houses whose products are distributed by HDFC Bank (AMFI Registered Mutual Funds Distributor) wherein HDFC Asset Management Company Limited is one of the companies under the common control of our Promoters HDFC Limited.

3) The initial registration date for ARN -0005 is 17th Feb,2007 and the current validity of the ARN is 18th Feb,2027.