ICICI Lombard Smart Drive Private Two Wheeler

Comprehensive accident and damage insurance for your 2-wheeler

ICICI Lombard Smart Drive Private Two Wheeler

All you need to know


Unforeseen events can cause hindrance in one’s riding journey. More importantly it may leave one with
financial, legal, and emotional set-backs. That’s why, one requires Two-Wheeler Insurance to gain financial coverage against natural/man-made disasters, theft, or road accidents, etc. It ensures a smooth
ride and complete peace-of-mind. 


  • Cashless Garages:
    Cashless claim settlement in authorized network of garages across India

  • Variety of Add-on covers:
    For additional protection to one’s vehicle, the insured can choose from an array of add-on covers

  • Competitive Rates
    ICICI Lombard pro:vides purchase and renewals of Two-WheelerInsurance at competitive rates

  • End-to-End Claim Assistance
    Get 24/7 Claim Assistance & strong customer support with ICICI Lombard

Natural Disasters:
Two-Wheeler Insurance covers natural disasters.
E.g. floods, earthquakes, cyclones, etc.
Driving under intoxication:
Accidental damages caused to the Two-Wheeler if
the insured was driving the vehicle under the
influence of drugs or alcohol
Manmade Disasters:
Losses caused by fire, terrorism, riot, strike, etc. are
Regular wear and tear:
Regular wear and tear as well as losses due to
depreciation of vehicle aren’t covered.
Accidents on Road:
Road accidents are covered under the insured’s
Two-Wheeler Insurance Policy
Malicious Activity:
Losses/Damages aren’t covered if the insured rides
the Two-Wheeler without a valid license, or if the
Two-Wheeler is driven by an underage person.
Personal Accident Cover for owner-driver:
If the owner-driver of the insured Two-Wheeler
sustains injury or death, the insurer provides compensation.
Commercial Activity:
Driving a private vehicle for commercial purpose and vice versa is not covered.
Third-Party liability:
Losses/damages to properties or bodily injuries
caused to third-party are covered if the accident
involves the insured’s Two-Wheeler.
Other reasons:
Consequential damages, electrical and mechanical
failure, staged accidents, driving outside
geographical limits, and an expired policy

Add-on Covers

With ICICI Lombard Two-Wheeler Insurance, onecan customize the policy by choosing add-on coversbest
suited to one’s Two-Wheeler protection against unforeseen events.

Personal Accident Cover for Occupants

Two-Wheeler accidents are dangerous to both the rider and the person sitting pillion. Since the risk of
injuries/death is high for both, having a Personal Accident Cover is essential. It insures against full or
partial disability of the co-passenger as well.

Zero Depreciation cover

In the regular policy, during claim, the insured has to bear depreciation on repair/replacement expenses
of plastic, fibre, rubber and glass parts. However, with this add-on, one would not have to pay
depreciation on expenses of repaired/replaced parts.

Eligibility Criteria

One must be 18 years old or older to buy a Two-Wheeler Insurance Policy.