ICICI Lombard SmartDrive Private Car Insurance Policy

Car Insurance provides physical, financial, and legal protection to the car and the people travelling in it

ICICI Lombard SmartDrive Private Car Insurance Policy

All you need to know


Car Insurance provides physical, financial, and legal protection to the car and the people travelling in it.

It offers the right preparation for loss that may be caused to an Insured vehicle or caused to a Third Party arising out of accident involving the Insured vehicle

Having a Third-Party Insurance compensates damages to a Third-Party and their property. This is the mandatory Motor Insurance coverage in India. While Comprehensive Car Insurance covers damages to Third-Party as well as one’s car.



1. Loss or damage due to:

  1. Accident, burglary or theft
  2. Riot and strike
  3. Fire explosion self-ignition or lightning
  4. Natural Calamities
  5. Transit by road, rail, inland waterways, air or lift.


2. Personal Accident Cover for owner/driver of the car:

Death benefit of Rs. 2 lakhs for the owner/driver is provided in case of accidental death


3. Third-Party bodily injury liability covers penalty to be given to victim:

This provides coverage towards the injury or death of the victim caused in an accident involving Insured vehicle


4. Property damage liability:

Up to the limits as specified in the policy, it covers any penalty one needs to pay in case of damage to the properties due to the accident involving Insured vehicle

1. Loss or damage to the car is not included under following conditions:

  1. Normal wear and tear
  2. Depreciation of the car
  3. Electrical & mechanical failure
  4. Driving outside India
  5. Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs Person driving does not have valid driving license
  6. Nuclear risks
  7. Car for purposes other than personal.Eg: If the private car is used as Taxi.


Cashless Garages:

Cashless claim settlement in over 2500 authorized network of garages across India 

Competitive Rates:

ICICI Lombard provides purchase and renewals of Car Insurance at competitive rates

Variety of Add-on covers:

For additional protection to one’s car, one can choose from an array of add-on covers

End-to-End Claim Assistance

Get 24/7 Claim Assistance & strong customer support with ICICI Lombard

Add-on Covers

With ICICI Lombard Car Insurance, one can customize the policy by choosing add-on covers that one thinks will best suit one’s car. These add-on covers provide additional security and reduce out-of-pocket expenses.

Zero-Depreciation cover

In a regular motor insurance policy during claim, one might have to bear depreciation on repair/replacement expenses of plastic, fibre, rubber and glass parts. However, with this add-on, one need not bear the cost of such depreciation as the depreciation as would be applicable under a normal policy would not apply and the claim, if admissible, would be settled without applying depreciation.

Hydrostatic lock cover

The car engine can get damaged during heavy rains or floods. This add-on provides coverage against repair or replacement of engine parts due to water. This would be applicable only if the insured car is less than 5 years old.

No Claim Bonus (NCB) Protector

With a single claim, one’s accumulated No-Claim Bonus drops down to 0%. However, with the NCB Protector, even after making two claims in the policy period, one can still retain No-Claim Bonus discount on the Own Damage premium.

Roadside Assistance

One would not be stranded if insured car ever breaks down in the middle of the road as with this add-on ICICI Lombard would help you in case of a road emergency. Be it changing flat tyres, road repairs, emergency fuel refilling, towing facility, with this add–on, one gets services 24X7.

Invoice Price Cover

One generally gets the depreciated value of car at the time of claim. But with this add-on, if one would make a claim, the claim settlement would be on the invoice value of the car along with registration fees, road tax, and insurance.

Co-Passenger Cover

The standard policy has Rs. 2 lakh as personal accident cover for the owner-driver. With this, fellow passengers are provided an additional coverage of Rs. 1 lakh in case of death, permanent or total disability.

Key replacement

Coverage is provided for cost incurred to replace the car key and the lock if it’s stolen or lost. This is valid for up to 2 claims in a policy period

Medical expenses

In this, if owner-driver and the passengers are injured in case of an accident, then medical expenses up to Rs. 10,000 for treatment are covered.

Hospital cash

For each day spent at the hospital, one receives a lump sum amount of Rs. 1000 per day when hospitalized for up to 30 days due to accident involving the Insured vehicle.

Consumables cover

With this add-on, coverage is provided for expenses on consumables such as oil, nuts, bolts that are considered unfit for further use.

Ambulance charges

This add-on covers charges towards transportation of the insured person in an ambulance to the hospital.

Engine and gearbox cover

The add-on provides financial protection if one’s car breaks down due to damage to the internal parts of the engine and gearbox.

Eligibility Criteria

One must be 18 years old or older to buy a Car Insurance Policy. Before issuance of policy, vehicle inspection may or may not be conducted depending on the credibility of one’s vehicle and one’s driving records.

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