ICICI Lombard SmartTraveller Insurance

ICICI Lombard SmartTraveller Insurance



With Individual/Family Travel Insurance, an insured can minimize the financial losses that arise due to unfortunate medical and travel emergencies occurring during their trip.

Individual/Family Travel Insurance provides coverage for various misfortunate events right from medical expenditures, cancelled flight, baggage theft/loss, passport loss, etc.

Single-Trip Policy is better when an individual is traveling just once a year. It provides coverage from the date one boards the flight from India to the international destination and till return date to India.

For several trips throughout the year, one can choose the Annual Multi-Trip Policy. For multiple times a year, this plan provides coverage from the time one leaves home till the time they return home.


Medical and Travel emergency coverage

Coverage is provided for all medical and travel-related emergencies as per the policy

Single-Trip and Multi-Trip Policies

Insured can choose between Single-Trip and Multi-Trip policies depending on their requirement and the frequency that of travel in a year

Fly to Schengen countries

One can also obtain insurance for trips to Schengen countries

End-to-End Claim Assistance

Enjoy 24/7 Claim Assistance & strong customer support with ICICI Lombard



Medical and Dental Expenses:

These include medical expenses, repatriation, emergency medical evaluation. Even dental care expenses such as acute anaesthetic treatment of teeth is covered.

Personal Accident:

Compensation for bodily injuries, permanent or partial disablement, death caused in an accident.

Daily Cash Allowance:

Payment of daily allowance for the number of days that the insured person is hospitalized beyond the specific number of days.

Loss of essentials:

Loss/theft of passport, documents, delay or loss of checked-in baggage is compensated.

Legal Expenses:

All legal costs and expenses are covered in case of claims towards third-party liabilities that arise out of death or bodily injuries.

Trip cancellation/delay:

Be it because of technical issues by the airline, natural disasters, medical, or any other reason, compensation is given for trip cancellation, delay or interruption.

Emergency Accommodation:

Due to some natural disaster, if the insured isn’t able to stay in the original accommodation, compensation for additional cost of emergency accommodation will be provided.

Hijack Distress:

In case if there is hijack on a common carrier for a certain number of hours, distress allowance is compensated.

Home and Fire Insurance:

Any kind of loss or damage of the things at the insured’s home back in India caused by theft/fire will be covered.

Cosmetic surgery:

Cosmetic surgery isn’t covered, unless essential as part of treatments for accidents when abroad.

Self-inflicted injury/harm:

Suicide, alcoholism, depression, or any direct/indirect loss due to death, illness, etc. won’t be covered.

Participation in warfare:

Coverage isn’t provided if one is involved in the naval, military, or air force operations.

Performing professional and risky sports:

Participating in risky winter sports, like mountaineering isn’t covered unless specifically agreed and mentioned in the policy document.

Non-Allopathic treatment:

Yogic, homeopathic, unani, and ayurvedic treatments are strictly excluded.

Medical expenses due to unproven treatment:

Coverage isn’t provided for expenses with respect to unproven or experimental treatment.

Illegal Activity:

If one is involved in a hazardous occupation or engages in criminal activities while on the trip abroad, coverage won’t be provided.

Limitations in medical expenditure:

Daily allowance isn’t paid in case of hospitalization for certain pre-existing conditions.

Treatment that could be delayed until return:

Coverage isn’t provided, if the treating physician and the emergency service provider decide that the treatment could have been delayed until return to India .


Age: 91 days to 85 years

Duration: 2 days to 356 days

Travel Insurance for Non-Schengen countries - 2 days to 182 days (extendable up to 356 days)

Travel Insurance for Schengen countries - 2 days to 182 days

Annual Multi-Trip Policy - Each trip duration shall not exceed the number of days opted in the policy.