HDFC ERGO Travel Insurance

Protect yourself & your belongings from loss, delay or damage during travel

HDFC ERGO Travel Insurance

All You Need To Know

Features and Benefits

No matter how far and wide you have to travel for business or work, you can now leave all your worries behind by securing yourself with the HDFC ERGO Travel Insurance. Here are some of the features of the policy:

  • Range of plans: A wide range of plans that offer coverage for individuals from the age of 6 months to 70 years are available. Chose from the following plans that suits your need. 
    Single trip policy: 6 months to 70 years 
    Annual multi-trip: 18 years to 70 years
    Single trip for Asia excluding Japan: 6 months to 70 years
    Family Floater: Self & Spouse up to the age of 60 years and child max 2 from 3 months up to the age of 21 years
  • Assistance: If you need to make international travel claims, emergency assistance will be available to you on call 24x7.
  • Online Policy: Instant Online Policy Issuance is also available to you for the HDFC ERGO Travel Insurance.
  • Medical Procedures: Absolutely no medical procedures or health checkups are required to avail of the HDFC ERGO Travel Insurance.
  • Cashless hospitalisation and claims: If you need to make a claim in an unfortunate circumstance while travelling, you can avail the benefits of uncomplicated cashless hospitalisation. As a part of our claims procedure, our International Service Provider will provide cashless claims service.

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What coverage does HDFC ERGO Travel Insurance policy offer?

Here are the details regarding the coverage that the HDFC ERGO Travel Insurance policy offers:

  • Emergency Medical Expenses: Covers medical costs incurred due to illness or accident including medically necessary and prescribed emergency evacuation. It covers outpatient, in-patient, medical aid, therapies and diagnostic tests
  • Emergency medical evacuation: Covers the expenses incurred in moving the insured person to the nearest hospital
  • Repatriation of remains: Covers the expenses incurred in moving the insured person to his/her country of residence
  • Emergency dental expenses: Covers non aesthetic treatment of natural teeth.
  • Hospital cash: Pays a daily allowance in the event of hospitalization either due to sickness or an accident, as stated in the policy schedule.
  • Accidental death and permanent total disability - Common Carrier: Pays the sum insured specified in the schedule in addition to the sum insured specified under the Personal Accident Section, if the insured sustains Accidental Bodily Injury during the course of the journey while travelling in a common carrier such as rail, bus, or aircraft; and such bodily injury results in death or permanent total disability.
  • Personal accident: Pays compensation in case of death or permanent total disability caused due to an accident.
  • Flight delay: Pays compensation if the aircraft is delayed for more than 12 hours than the original scheduled departure time for purchase of meals, refreshments.
  • Loss of Baggage and Personal Documents: Pays actual cost of replacing lost document (inclusive of passport) and belongings.
  • Loss of checked-in baggage: Pays compensation for the permanent loss of checked-in baggage.
  • Delay of checked-in baggage: Pays compensation for reasonable expenses incurred for the purchase of toiletries, clothing and medication due to delay of checked-in baggage for more than 12 hours.
  • Personal Liability: Pays compensation for damages to a third party, resulting from death, injury or damage to his/her health or property caused involuntarily by the insured.
  • Financial Emergency Assistance: Assistance provided where in the insured loses all or substantial amount of his / her travel funds due to theft, pilferage, robbery or dacoity
  • Contingency Travel Benefits: Pays for the cost of hotel accommodation , if the insured person sustains bodily injury or sickness, directly and independently of all other causes, which results in a hospital stay as an in-patient and he/she misses a flight back to his/her country of residence.
  • Hijack distress allowance: Compensation payable in event of hijack of the common carrier in which the insured person is traveling, while on a trip abroad during the period of insurance. An allowance will be paid for each day of the hijack up to the limits specified under the policy.

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What are the exclusions on the HDFC ERGO Travel Insurance policy?

The following are the exclusions on the policy that you should note.

  • Civil war or foreign war
  • Terrorism
  • Self inflicted injury, suicide
  • Non-adherence to medical advice
  • Under influence of liquor, drugs or narcotics (unless advised / administered by a physician)
  • Participation in any sport as a professional player
  • Participation in any criminal act
  • AIDS or HIV
  • Treatment of nervous and mental problems
  • Participating in hazardous sports like parachuting, hang gliding, bungee jumping, etc.

For an exhaustive list kindly refer the policy wording.


*This content is descriptive only. Actual coverage is subject to the language of policy issued. 
**These are illustrative exclusions. For a detailed list, kindly refer to the policy wordings.


Please note that HDFC Bank is a corporate agent of HDFC ERGO. The Contract of insurance is between HDFC ERGO and the Insured only and HDFC Bank is not a party to the said contract. Participation by customer to buy insurance policy is purely voluntary. Insurance is the subject matter of the solicitation. For more details on coverage, terms and conditions, please read the policy document carefully before conducting a sale. 
Certified Corporate Agent's License No. CA00100

Buy Travel Insurance instantly with NetBanking

We understand that before travelling you need travel insurance quickly and without any hassles.

NetBanking services allows you to do so, in simple steps:

I. Login to 'NetBanking' with your Customer ID and IPIN (Password).
II. Click on 'General Insurance' link, under Request Section on Accounts page. 
III. Select 'Travel Insurance' Product and click on 'Continue' button.
IV. You would be directed to HDFC ERGO Portal, where you will have to fill in the required details and make the payment though HDFC Bank NetBanking / Debit Card /Credit Card services.
V. For making payment with NetBanking, you will have to login to NetBanking and authorise the transaction by answering Secure Access Challenge questions.
VI. Policy would be issued instantly online on the HDFC ERGO Portal with print option.

Claims Procedure

What is the claims procedure for the HDFC ERGO Travel Insurance policy?

In case of any event leading to a claim under the policy, If you are abroad, please contact +800 08250825 (International Toll Free). In case you are dialing from India, please contact 01204507250 (Chargeable). Our claims service representative will guide you on the claim procedure is and the required documents.
The Claim form and other documents related to the nature of loss can be collected from you by HDFC ERGO personnel. Alternatively, you may send them to our Claims Processing Cell at the following address:

HDFC ERGO General Insurance Company Limited 
6th Floor, Leela Business Park,
Andheri Kurla Road,
Andheri - East, Mumbai- 400 059, India

The documents required for claims processing are as follows:

Documents in addition to those mentioned above may be asked for, depending on the nature of accident and claim lodged. Please retain a copy of the documents sent for your records.

To download the claim form, Click here


Please note that HDFC Bank is a corporate agent of HDFC ERGO. The Contract of insurance is between HDFC ERGO and the Insured only and HDFC Bank is not a party to the said contract. Participation by customer to buy insurance policy is purely voluntary. Insurance is the subject matter of the solicitation. For more details on coverage, terms and conditions, please read the policy document carefully before conducting a sale. 
Certified Corporate Agent's License No. CA0010

Claim type


For Accidental Injury Claims

1. Claim form

2. Police report, if recorded

3. Medical papers, pathology reports, X-ray reports, as applicable

4. Disability certificate from reputed surgeon or hospital for permanent disability claims

5. Sick leave certificate from employer for temporary total disability claims

6. Attending Physician's statement

For Emergency Medical Expenses/ Emergency Dental Treatment

1. Claim form

2. Police FIR, if recorded

3. Medical papers, pathology reports, X-ray reports, as applicable

4. Doctor's prescription and line of treatment suggested

5. Bills and cash memos

6. Attending Physician's statement

For Hospital Cash- Sickness Claim

1. Claim form

2. Hospital Discharge Card

3. Doctor's certificate and line of treatment suggested

4. Attending Physician's statement as per 'Form D'

For Hospital Cash - Accident Claim

1. Claim form

2. Hospital Discharge Card

3. Doctor's certificate and line of treatment suggested

4. Attending Physician's statement.

For Accidental Death Claims

1. Claim form

2. Police Report

3. Post-mortem Report or Coroner's Report

4. Death Certificate

5. Succession certificate or notarized affidavit certifying legal heir status for payment to beneficiary

6. Letter of indemnity on Rs.200 stamp paper, where payment to beneficiary is through notarized affidavit ( please contact us for the indemnity format)

For Baggage Loss /Personal Effects

( Including Baggage Delay)

1. Claim form

2. Airline Tickets

3. Any available receipts for the lost baggage/personal effects

4. Correspondence with the Airline/Carrier

5. Irregularity Report or Loss Notification Report from the Airline/Carrier

6. Letter from carrier confirming reason for delay and duration of the delay for baggage delay

7 Cash receipts to obtain duplicate documents, for passport loss / document loss

For Trip Cancellation /

Trip Interruption

1. Claim form

2. Copy of travel itinerary

3. Verification of trip payment

4. Original airline tickets, vouchers or cruise documents

5. Copy of trip cancellation statement from airline/cruise line, hotel, itemizing non-refundable charges

6. Copy of any refund cheque or credit voucher

7 Copy of newly purchased- for Trip Interruption only

8 Itemized expense receipts

For Other Claims

Contact HDFC ERGO on 9111 2332 2372, for claims guidance


Already Have Travel Insurance?

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Got your Welcome Kit? Inside it you will find:

  • A policy document
  • Policy Wordings: to help you understand what is covered under the policy

Renew your Travel Insurance

In order to continue availing benefits from your previous policy, renew your Travel Insurance policy.

Did you know?

  • You can get protection against any loss, delay or damage when you are abroad.
  • You can get international travel assistance on call 24*7.

You may also benefit from:

  • Personal Accident Policy that protects you when you get sick in India and offers you Personal Accident Cover worldwide.
  • Health Suraksha policy that provides you optimal coverage for treatment, including all pre and post hospitalization costs.
  • Critical Illness Insurance Policy that gives you a lump sum amount required to treat a critical illness and pay for associated treatment costs.


There are so many plans. How do one decide the best option?
Go for the plan that suits you the most like if you are travelling alone, then go for individual plan. In case you are travelling with your family, opt for family floater plan to cover your entire family in a single policy. If you are a frequent traveller, you can avoid the hassle of buying travel insurance for every trip by opting for Annual Multi-trip plan. If you are travelling abroad for further studies, then student plan gives you a perfect cover for the duration you are studying.

What should I do in case I am stuck in the foreign land due to unforeseen circumstances?
You can easily extend the policy online before the policy expiry date and stay covered for the extended period.
With HDFC Ergo Travel Insurance plans, you can extend the policy multiple times for a maximum of 360 days from the initial policy start date.

I already purchased a travel policy from HDFC Ergo, but there seems to be some change in my travel dates. Can I alter/change my travel dates in the policy?
Yes, you can change your travel dates anytime before the policy start date to a later date.

I forgot to purchase a travel insurance policy and I am already out of the country. Can I still buy travel insurance policy?
Unfortunately no. Your policy start date & purchase date cannot be later than your trip commencement date.

I am travelling out of the country for good. Can I buy Travel Insurance policy for a specific period of time till I get my local insurance activated?
No. Travel Insurance policy is for those who plan to come back to India and where the purpose of travel is leisure holidaying, business & studies.

I returned earlier than what I initially planned for. I would like to know if I can get premium refund for the unused policy period.
Travel Insurance ends either on the policy end date as mentioned in the policy or return date whichever is earlier. Hence, there won't be any premium refund in case you come earlier than planned.

I am an OCI card holder (Overseas Citizen of India). Can I buy a travel Insurance policy?
As long as you have an active Indian Passport and you plan to return to India, you can buy travel insurance policy.

I have to cancel my trip, but I already bought the policy. Can I cancel travel insurance? Are there any cancellation charges?
You can cancel your travel Insurance anytime before the policy start date. In case we receive Travel insurance cancellation request after the commencement of the policy date, photocopy of all pages of passport will be required as a proof that you have not travelled. Cancellation charge of Rs 250/- is levied on all cancellation requests.

I am pretty healthy, but in case I need an emergency medical attention on an OPD basis, will I be covered?
Yes, our policy will reimburse for the emergency medical expenses due to sickness or injury on OPD basis.

Who are the travel assistance partners?
Allianz Worldwide are our travel assistance partners. They have a vast network of 8 lacs+ service providers with
​​​​​​​24x7 service capabilities.

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