HDFC Life Super Income Plan

An income plan with guaranteed benefits & bonus for the future

HDFC Life Super Income Plan

All You Need To Know

Age limit

Min-Max Entry Age (years)

2 years (for policy term of 16 years)

30 days (for policy terms of 18 to 27 years)

59 (for policy term 16 years)

57 (for policy term 16 years)

55 (for policy term 16 years)

53 (for policy term 16 years)

51 (for policy term 16 years)

48 (for policy term 16 years)


Min-Max age at Maturity (years)




Plan options

Choose from 6 plan options with combinations of premium payment, pay out period, policy term and sum assured


Premium payment term



>Payout period



Policy term



As % of Sum Assured on Maturity

Annual GBI paid during payout period


Total Guaranteed income for entire payout period (B*C)

Option 1





12.5% * 8 = 100%

Option 2





10.0% * 10 = 100%

Option 3





12.0 * 10 = 120%

Option 4





10.0 * 12 = 120%

Option 5





10.0 * 12 = 120%

Option 6





8.0 * 15 = 120%


Choose to pay premiums for limited periods between 8, 10 or 12 years

Ways to pay

Conveniently pay your premiums or renew your policy through multiple modes -- credit card, internet banking, cheque, auto debit facility

Pay out

Get a choice of pay out periods from 8, 10, 12 and 15 years


Get Guaranteed Base Income (GBI) pay outs, between 8% to 12.5% of the Sum Assured on maturity, payable every year

Enjoy the benefit of revisionary, interim and terminal bonuses

Policy term

Choose a policy term of 16, 18 or 20, 22, 24 and 27 years based on your needs

Tax benefit

Get tax benefits under 80C and 10 (10D) of the Income Tax Act, 1961

Maturity benefit

Receive last guaranteed base income payout plus bonuses

Death benefit

Beneficiaries will receive higher of:

Sum Assured on death plus all bonuses, or 105% of total premiums paid

(Sum Assured on death shall be the higher of:

Sum Assured on maturity or 10 times annualised premium for entry age up to 50 years; and 7 times annualised premium for entry age greater than 50 years)

On death of the life assured during the payout period, benefit payable will not be reduced by the survival benefits already paid

Medical examination

Avoid a medical test by filling up a short questionnaire


1. What is the Min/Max age at Entry/Maturity?            

Eligibility CriteriaMinimumMaximum
Age at Entry (years)1) 18 years minus Policy Term (for policy term less than 18 years)

2) 30 days (for policy term greater than or equal to18 years)
59 (for policy term 15 & 16 years)
57 (for policy term 18 years)
55 (for policy term 20 years)
53 (for policy term 22 years)
51 (for policy term 24 years)
48 (for policy term 27 years)
34 (for policy term 15 to 27
years under Option 9)
Age at Maturity (years)1875

2. What is the minimum premium that needs to be paid?            
Limited Pay : Rs. 76,198
Single Pay : Rs. 18,457
(Excl tax)
3. What is the Death Benefit under the plan?            
On death of the life assured during the term of the policy, provided all due premiums are paid; we would pay to the nominee the higher of the following:
• Sum Assured on Death + Accrued Reversionary Bonuses + Interim Bonus (if any) + Terminal Bonus (if any)
 • 105% of total premiums paid^ till date
Where, the Sum Assured on Death shall be the higher of:
• Sum Assured on Maturity #
• 10 times Annualised Premium /Single Premium for entry age up to 50 # years and 7 times Annualised Premium for entry age greater than 50 years
On death of the life assured during the payout period, the Death Benefit payable shall not be reduced by the survival benefits already paid.
# Annualised premium shall be the premium amount payable in a year excluding the taxes, rider premiums, underwriting extra premiums and loadings for modal premiums, if any.
^ Total Premiums Paid means total of all the premiums received, excluding any extra premium, any rider premium and taxes.
On payment of the Death Benefit during the policy term, the policy will terminate and no future payouts will be payable.                
4. What is the Maturity Benefit under the plan?            
For a policy where all due premiums have been paid, the maturity benefit
will be the aggregate of:
1. Last Survival Benefit payout,
2. Accrued Reversionary Bonuses,
3. Interim Bonus, if any
4. Terminal bonus, if any
On payment of the Maturity Benefit, the policy will terminate and no
more benefits will be payable.
In cases where Life Assured is minor, the policy will automatically vest on
him or her on attaining age 18 years.                
5. Can I save tax by investing in this policy?            
Yes, Tax Benefits are governed by prevailing tax laws. You are requested to consult your tax advisor         


HDFC Bank Limited (IRDAI Registration No: CA0010) is the Corporate Agent of HDFC Life Insurance Company Limited and does not underwrite the risk or act as an insurer. HDFC Bank Limited, HDFC Bank House, Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel (West), Mumbai - 400 013. Participation by the Bank’s clients in the Insurance products is purely on a voluntary basis. The contract of Insurance is between HDFC Life and the Insured and not between HDFC Bank and the Insured.This policy is underwritten by HDFC Life Insurance Company. Registered Office: 13th Floor, Lodha Excelus, Apollo Mills Compound, N. M. Joshi Marg, Mahalaxmi, Mumbai - 400 011. The name/letters "HDFC" in the name/logo of the company belongs to Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited ("HDFC Limited") and is used by HDFC Life under an agreement entered into with HDFC Limited.HDFC Life Super Income Plan (UINNo: 101N098V05, Form No: P501-121-01) is a A Non-Linked Participating Life Insurance Plan. HDFC Life Income Benefit on Accidental Disability Rider(UIN: 101B013V03) and HDFC Life Critical Illness Rider (UIN: 101B014V02) are the names of the riders. Life Insurance Coverage is available in this product.For more details on risk factors,associated terms and conditions and exclusions please read sales brochure carefully before concluding a sale.

“As per recent changes in section 10(10D) of Income Tax Act, where the amount of aggregate annual premium payable in the financial year in case of Traditional plans (all non-unit linked plans except Annuity, Pension and Pure Risk Plans) issued on or after 1st April 2023 exceeding INR 5,00,000 the benefits of the policy/policies shall not be eligible for exemption under section 10(10D) except in case of death”. The customer is requested to seek advice of a tax advisor with respect to his/her personal tax liabilities under the Indian Income-tax law." ​​​​​​​