HDFC Bank Life Easy Health

Fixed benefit plan to safeguard you in illnesses & accidents

HDFC Bank Life Easy Health

All You Need To Know

Age limit

Age at entry: Minimum 18 years; maximum 65 years

Age at maturity: Minimum 23 years; maximum 70 years



You can choose from 3 separate benefits available under this policy – choose while purchasing policy

Daily Hospital Cash Benefit:

  • Receive 1% and 2% of Sum Insured per day on admission into non-ICU room and ICU Room respectively
  • Get the benefit for a maximum of 20 days (for non-ICU room) and 10 days (for ICU room) per year
  • Get the benefit for a maximum of 60 days (for non-ICU room) and 30 days (for ICU room) during the policy term

Surgical Benefit:

Get a lump sum pay out up to 100% of the Sum Insured against 138 surgeries, based on the severity of the surgery

Critical Illness Benefit:

Get 100% of the Sum Insured if you are diagnosed with any of the 18 critical illnesses specified


Plan options

Choose from 7 plan options depending upon the benefits you wish to have

Make multiple claims of up to 100% of the Sum Insured under Daily Hospital Cash Benefit and Surgical Benefit

  Plan optionBenefits covered
  1Daily Hospital Cash Benefit
  2Surgical Benefit
  3Critical Illness Benefit
  4Daily Hospital Cash Benefit + Surgical Benefit
  5Surgical Benefit + Critical Illness Benefit
  6Daily Hospital Cash Benefit + Critical Illness Benefit

Daily Hospital Cash Benefit + Surgical Benefit + Critical Illness Benefit


To be eligible for benefit payment under the Critical Illness option, policyholder must survive a 30-day period from the date of diagnosis




Choose to pay premium one-time or annually

Ways to pay

Conveniently pay your premiums or renew your policy through multiple modes -- credit card, internet banking, cheque, auto debit facility

Policy term

The policy term is fixed at 5 years

Sum assured

Choose from up to 10 options:

Option 1: ₹25,000

Option 2: ₹50,000

Option 3: ₹75,000

Option 4: ₹1 lakh

Option 5: ₹1.5 lakhs

Option 6: ₹2 lakhs

Option 7: ₹2.5 lakhs

Option 8: Rs 3,00,000

Option 9: Rs 4,00,000

Option 10: Rs 5,00,000

Easy processing

Enjoy a hassle-free process of buying the policy without any medical underwriting

Waiting period

The policy comes with:

A 60-day waiting period for Daily Hospital Cash Benefit and Surgical Benefit and 90 days for Critical Illness Benefit

A one-year and two-year waiting period for specific conditions

No waiting period will apply for hospitalisation or any specified surgery or critical illness (such as major head trauma) due to an accident

Tax benefit

Get tax benefits under 80C of the Income Tax Act, 1961

Important Information