A plan with assured income and guaranteed additions


All You Need To Know

Age limit

Entry age from 8 to 60 years and maximum age at maturity is 75 years

Policy Term

policy with premium paying term

Premium Paying Term (PPT)

5 years for 15-year policy term

7 years for 17, 22-year policy term

10 years for 20, 25-year policy term


Minimum PPT

Attained age at the end of premium-paying term must be 18 years or more

Maximum PPT

Attained age at the end of the premium-paying term must be 65 years or less

Premium Frequency

Annual, Semi-annual, Quarterly, Monthly

Tax benefit

Get tax benefits under 80C and 10(10D) of the Income Tax Act, 1961

Maturity Benefit

Receive Sum Assured plus and Guaranteed Additions accrued to date at the end of policy term

Death Benefit

Nominee will receive greater of Sum Assured (less withdrawals) or Fund Value or 105% of total premium paid

Assured Income Benefit

Option A

Assured Income of 8.0% of Sum Assured per annum payable monthly after the premium-paying term till maturity of the policy.

Option B

Accumulate the Assured Income and receive as a lump sum at the end of policy term. The accrued Assured Income will be increased to 130% (for policy terms of 15, 17 and 20 years) and 150% (for policy terms of 22 and 25 years).

Guaranteed Additions

Guaranteed Additions will be added to your policy at the beginning of each quarter after the completion of the premium payment term, until policy maturity date. The quarterly Guaranteed Addition rate will be 1/4th of the per annum rate.

Premium-Paying Term

Guaranteed Additions

5 years


7 years


10 years


Add-on Benefits

Enhance your insurance coverage by adding the following riders for a nominal extra cost.

BSLI Accidental Death and Disability Rider (UIN: 109B018V03)

BSLI Critical Illness Rider (UIN: 109B019V03)

BSLI Surgical Care Rider (UIN: 109B015V03)

BSLI Hospital Care Rider (UIN: 109B016V03)

BSLI Waiver of Premium (UIN: 109B017V02)

BSLI Accidental Death Benefit Rider Plus (UIN:109B023V01)