All You Need To Know

  • Provides Comprehensive coverage including loss due to Fire, earthquake, flood, storm, riot strike, Electrical & Mechanical Breakdown, burglary / theft. 
  • Contents shall include:

IncludeNot include
Electronic Items like AC, Washing Machine, TV, RefrigeratorPortable equipments like Mobile phone, laptop, camera, watches
All contents including Furniture, clothing, beddingsJewellery
Kitchen items & equipmentsPaintings, Artifacts
Electrical & Sanitary Fittings

  • No list of contents required if coverage is selected on loss limit basis ( up to Rs.25 lakhs)
  • Option to cover portable equipments like mobiles, laptops, camera (age up to 10 Years) on all risk basis - across India
  • You get New for Old - No depreciation on contents aged up to 10 years,
  • Any new asset purchased (Post purchase of policy) stands covered automatically in case loss limit option is selected.
  • Auto restore of Loss Limit after settlement (for contents) of loss
  • Deductible – INR 5,000/- each and every claim

Additional Features :-

  • Structure can be covered on Purchase Cost 
  • Structure can  include interior decoration Cost and cover can be opted with additional benefits such as :
  1.  Rent for Alternative Accommodation       
  2.  Hotel Stay (Max 15 days and upto Rs.15000 Per Day)     
  3.  Brokerage for alternate accommodation     
  4.  Expenses for shifting to alternate accommodation 
  5.  Emergency Purchases           
  6.  Keys and Locks replacement cover
  • Option to Cover Jewellery on worldwide basis 
  • Discount allowed up to max 30% based on security and other features.

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What are the eligibility criteria to avail a Home Insurance policy?
For individuals - Any resident Indian who is the owner and / or occupant of the property can purchase a Home Insurance Policy. However Home Insurance - multiyear policy can be issued only to house / flat owners and not to tenants.

For Society – Any authorized member of society’s managing committee can buy policy to cover society building & common utilities wherein policy needs to be issued in name of society.

What will be the start date of my insurance policy?
Your insurance cover starts from the commencement date indicated on the policy schedule, this could be any selected date (not later than 15 days) after date of payment of premium.

What is the maximum policy period under Home Insurance?
Home insurance can be purchased for policy period from 1year and 3 to 5 years.

Do I need to pay premium in advance for multiyear policy, i.e policy period more than 1 year?
Yes, entire premium has to be paid in advance.

How do we do the property valuation for home insurance?
Property valuation is done by multiplying the built up area of the property with the cost of construction per square feet. 

Currently the cost of construction is taken around 1500 to 2000 depending on the location of the property and type of construction.