Bajaj Allianz Cyber Safe Insurance

Theft Cover, Social Media Cover and Media Liability Claims Cover

Bajaj Allianz Cyber Safe Insurance

All You Need To Know


With an increase in internet penetration, social media and digital banking transactions, we are unknowingly exposed to various cyber-attacks. These can range from misuse of your financial information to data theft, cyber stalking etc.

Bajaj Allianz, understands such new-age risk factors and their impact. Bajaj Allianz’s individual Cyber Safe Insurance Policy ensures that you get optimum protection against potential cyber threats and risks


  • There is NO excess in the policy
  • Financial Losses like online loss of funds from account held in a bank, payment wallets etc. are covered under IT Theft Loss Cover, Phishing Cover and E-mail Spoofing
  • Cyber extortion losses that the insured incurs due to a result of Cyber Extortion Threat is covered
  • Defence cost as a result of any claim by the affected party is covered under Identity Theft Cover, Social Media Cover and Media Liability Claims Cover 
  • Prosecuting cost in a criminal case against third party is covered under all covers
  • Reasonable expenses of Transportation and Photocopying of the documents arising out of defence

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  • Dishonest and improper conduct
  • Bodily Injury / Property damage
  • Unsolicited Communication
  • Unauthorized Collection of data
  • Immoral / Obscene Services

Please note: For complete details, please refer to the product brochure for policy terms and conditions 


One needs to be above 18 years of age for taking cyber safe Insurance


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