High Loan Amounts

Get a loan worth up to 65% of the market value of the property. Our high loan amounts also come with longer repayment tenures, all at attractive interest rates.

Fulfil Your Every Need

Both residential and commercial properties* are accepted as collateral, and the money from the HDFC Bank Loan Against Property can be used for a variety of personal or business needs.

*Conditions Apply

Easy Repayment Options

With competitive interest rates, you can easily repay your loan in low EMIs, or choose our Dropline Overdraft Facility.

Transparent Processing

All our charges are communicated up front, at the time of the processing of the loan. No hidden charges or fees.

Quick and Efficient Servicing

With our doorstep service, your HDFC Bank Loan Against Property will be processed quickly and easily.

Benefits for the Self Employed

Self-employed individuals can benefit from our customised loan options and specially designed programmes.

Easy Debt Consolidation

Remember, our HDFC Bank Loan Against Property is an excellent debt consolidation tool.

Turn Around Time

Application will be decisioned within 7 days from the date of its receipt and subject to submission of all the documents and details by the customer as may be required by the Bank and Application in cases which involve customer availability for completing a field investigation or fie search & valuation of a property ,will be decisioned within 25 days from the date of its receipt.