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Range of services across wholesale, corporate and retail

Our Businesses



Our Business Segments 

HDFC Bank caters to a wide range of banking services covering commercial and investment banking on the wholesale side and transactional / branch banking on the retail side. The bank has three key business segments:

Retail Banking  

HDFC Bank's Retail business is targeted at individuals, salaried professionals, micro and small businesses, such as kirana stores, Self Help Groups (SHGs), and Non-Resident Indians (NRIs). The Bank caters to this segment by customising its products and services. It enjoys a strong position in the Auto Loan and Personal Loan businesses and a leadership position in the Payments business. The Bank also offers Wealth Management Services to High Networth Individuals (HNI). 

Products and Services​​​​​​

  • Auto Loans 
  • Credit and Debit cards 
  • Personal Loans 
  • Home Loans 
  • Gold Loans 
  • Mortgages 
  • Commercial Vehicle Finance 
  • Retail Business Banking 
  • Savings Account 
  • Current Account 
  • Fixed and Recurring Deposits 
  • Corporate Salary Accounts 
  • Construction Equipment Finance 
  • Agri and Tractor Loans 
  • SHG Loans 
  • Kisan Gold Card 
  • Distribution of Mutual Funds, Life, General and Health insurance 
  • Healthcare Finance 
  • Offshore loans to NRIs 
  • NRI deposits 
  • Small ticket working capital loans 
  • Business loans 
  • Two-wheeler loans 
  • Loans Against Securities 

Home Loan/Mortgages Business 

Post the merger with HDFC Limited, HDFC Bank has secured a strong home finance brand. HDFC Limited was a pioneer in the Housing Loan Finance market in India and over the years built a strong brand equity. While the Bank has been sourcing loans on behalf of HDFC Limited, it now offers a wide range of housing loans to cater to the varied needs of customers across income brackets. These include loans to individual borrowers, salaried persons, working professionals as well as the self-employed.   

Products and Services​​​​​​

Housing Loans 

  • Home Loans: Purchase of a new apartment from a developer or a development authority or purchase of resale properties 
  • Rural Housing Loans 
  • Affordable Housing – HDFC Reach Loans 
  • Refinance – Home Loan Balance Transfer 
  • Housing Loans for Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) 

Other Home Loan Products 

  • House Renovation Loans 
  • Home Extension Loans 
  • Top up Loans 

Other Loans 

  • Loan Against property ​​​​​​​

Wholesale/Corporate Banking 

The target segment for this business is large corporates, PSUs, Government, and multinational corporations. For these customers, the Bank provides a wide range of commercial and transactional banking services, including working capital finance, trade services, transactional services, and cash management. The Bank is also a leading provider of structured solutions, which combine cash management services with vendor and distributor finance for facilitating superior supply chain management for its corporate customers. Based on its superior product delivery, service levels and strong customer orientation, the Bank has made significant inroads into the banking consortia of a number of leading corporates. It is recognised as a leading provider of cash management and transactional banking solutions to corporate customers, mutual funds, stock exchange members and banks.

The Investment Banking business helps companies raise capital through the Debt Capital Markets and Equity Capital Markets and offer rupee loan syndication services. It also offers advisory services to its clients. 

Products and Services​​​​​​

  • Working Capital Facilities  
  • Term Lending 
  • Project Finance 
  • Debt Capital Markets 
  • Mergers and Acquisitions 
  • Trade Credit 
  • Supply Chain Financing 
  • Forex and Derivatives 
  • Cash Management Services 
  • Wholesale Deposits 
  • Letters of Credit and Guarantees 
  • Custodial Services 
  • Correspondent Banking 
  • Construction Finance  


Commercial and Rural Banking (CRB) 

The Bank's Commercial and Rural Banking (CRB) Group was set up in Financial Year 20-21 and has been identified as a growth engine. Its target customer segment is Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), emerging corporates, commercial agriculture, small and marginal farmers, healthcare finance, equipment finance and commercial transport companies. All these businesses have a strong presence in the Semi Urban and Rural (SURU) locations where the Bank has about half its branches. This vertical is also important as its disbursals help the Bank in meeting a large part of the Priority Sector Lending requirements. 
Products and Services​​​​​​

  • Working Capital Loans  
  • Term Loans 
  • Supply Chain Management 
  • Project Finance 
  • Export Finance 
  • Tractor Finance 
  • Infrastructure Finance 
  • Crop Loan/Farmer Finance 
  • KCC 
  • Dairy/Cattle Finance 
  • Liabilities 
  • CASA Accounts 
  • Fixed Deposits 
  • Salary Account 
  • Trade Finance 
  • Bank Guarantee/LCs 
  • International Trade 
  • FX Advisory 
  • Trade Flows & Derivatives 


The Treasury is the custodian of the Bank’s cash/liquid assets and manages its investments in securities and other market instruments. It manages the liquidity and interest rate risks on the balance sheet and is also responsible for meeting statutory reserve requirements. The Treasury earns a fee income from transactions that customers undertake with the Bank, while managing their foreign exchange and interest rate risks. 
Products and Services​​​​​​

  • Foreign exchange & derivatives 
  • Solutions on hedging strategies 
  • Trade solutions - domestic and cross border 
  • Bullion 
  • Debt capital markets 
  • Equities 
  • Research - Reports & commentary on markets and currencies 
  • Asset liability management 
  • Statutory reserve