HDFC Bank #Parivartan impacts over 64.3 lakhpeople in Bihar in 2020-2021

HDFC Bank #Parivartan impacts over 64.3 lakhpeople in Bihar in 2020-2021

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  • #Parivartan reached 4.2 lakh more people compared to last year

Bihar, 03 August, 2021: HDFC Bank #Parivartan — its umbrella programme for social initiatives — impacted lives of over 64.3 lakh people in Bihar in 2020-21. The bank reached out to 95 villages across 7 districts – Muzaffarpur, Darbhanga, Vaishali, Samastipur, Nalanda, Gaya and Sitamarhi. #Parivartan aims at mainstreaming economically & socially-challenged groups across the country by ushering growth, development and empowerment. HDFC Bank spent ₹634.91 crore through #Parivartan nationally and emerged as one of India’s largest CSR spender in 2020-21. This was 18.5% more than previous year.

Parivartan highlights in Bihar:

Mr. Sandeep Kumar, Branch Banking Head, HDFC Bank said, “Committed to developing sustainable ecosystems through various partnerships, we identify & support programmes that seek to develop & advance communities. The teams between the bank, CSR department and NGO partners work closely to identify areas, locations and people to work with. This helps us in addressing the most pressing issue to work upon. Although our programmes are holistic in nature, initiatives that delivered the maximum benefit in the state were training more than 2.1 Lakh teachers thus benefitting over 23.3 lakh students and conducting over 1.2 lakh financial literacy & inclusion camps that benefited over 9.2 lakh people.



Taldashraha, Samastipur: Tara Kumari is an Anganwadi worker at Taldashraha where lack of proper nutritional and healthcare facilities for children under the age of 6 years, pregnant women and lactating mothers was a rampant problem. Lack of proper knowledge had led to low immunisation levels which were just 60% in pregnant women & 70% among children. Adolescent girls were unable to discuss and consult regarding their problems which led to increase in social taboos. The overall health condition of women and children was impeded due to their hindered physical and social development.

HDFC Bank Parivartan took up the task of training Tara Devi on ‘Maternal Health, Reproduction and Child Health’ which enabled her to provide enthusiastic and updated services for health and nutrition to her target group of young children, pregnant women, nursing mothers and adolescent girls. She gained specialised knowledge on antenatal & postnatal care, birth control, institutional birth etc.

Today, Tara Kumari is an enabled and enthusiastic frontline worker who spreads awareness about immunisation, malnutrition, preschool education; trains the target group on antenatal and postnatal nutritional management and encourages other women to take up similar training and become much needed frontline workers. The area has achieved 100% immunisation for pregnant women and children; which has only been made possible through the training provided to Tara Kumari. The overall health conditions in the village have improved multifold thanks to Tara Kumari and her efforts.

​​​​​​​HDFC Bank adopted five areas under #Parivartan for holistic social work:

  • Rural Development

  • Promote Education

  • Skill Training and Livelihood Enhancement

  • Healthcare & Hygiene

  • Financial Literacy and Inclusion

The Sustainability element in the Integrated Annual Report outlines the work undertaken by the Bank by engaging with the communities to work on reducing poverty, achieving zero hunger, providing clean water & sanitation, quality education, and creating sustainable cities and communities to name a few.


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