HDFC Bank #Parivartan impacts over 35.43 lakhpeople in Rajasthan in 2020-2021

HDFC Bank #Parivartan impacts over 35.43 lakhpeople in Rajasthan in 2020-2021

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  • #Parivartan reached 4 lakh more people compared to last year

Jaipur, 6th August, 2021: HDFC Bank #Parivartan — its umbrella programme for social initiatives — impacted lives of over 35.43 lakh people in Rajasthan in 2020-21. The bank reached out to 132 villages across 13 districts - Bhilwara, Sikar, Baran, Alwar, Jaipur, Chittorgarh, Pratapgarh, Dhaulpur, Jaisalmer, Karauli, Dausa, Pali, Rajasmand and Alwar. #Parivartan aims at mainstreaming economically & socially-challenged groups across the country by ushering growth, development and empowerment. HDFC Bank spent ₹634.91 crore through #Parivartan nationally and emerged as one of India’s largest CSR spender in 2020-21. This was 18.5% more than previous year.

“Committed to developing sustainable ecosystems through various partnerships, we identify & support programmes that seek to develop & advance communities” said Mr. Prateek Sharma, Branch Banking Head, HDFC Bank. “The teams between the bank, CSR department and NGO partners work closely to identify areas, locations and people to work with. This helps us in addressing the most pressing issue to work upon. Although our programmes are holistic in nature, initiatives that delivered the maximum benefit in the state were conducting over 1.17 lakh financial literacy & inclusion camps that benefited over 7.80 lakh people and providing skill training and livelihood enhancement to more than 27,210 women entrepreneurs”.



Kaagmandara, Khamnor: Mohani Bai, a small scale farmer in Khamnor, earned a meagre income as a daily wage labourer. She along with her husband husband Vardi Singh faced immense financial struggle to support their family of nine people. Mohani Bai was sowing wheat in her farm and earned a meager Rs. 6000 for every 25 kg of wheat sown. This included the amount she had to put in as investment. In spite of extensive work, she was not financially secure.

Parivartan, in partnership with Seva Mandir through their KHRDP project, provided training to Mohani Bai to sow garlic instead of wheat in her farm. She was extensively supported in her new agricultural venture so that she could succeed.

Today, Mohani Bai is very hopeful about a more financially secure future. She is expecting a healthy harvest and, in the market, her produce is expected to fetch an average sum of Rs. 32,000 which is more than 5 times her earlier income. She looks forward to a life where her sweat and toil are rewarding. She is also positive about engaging with Parivartan in the future and is encouraging her friends to do the same as well. Along with visible growth in her social stature, she has become an example of improvement and progress.

HDFC Bank adopted five areas under #Parivartan for holistic social work:

  • Rural Development

  • Promote Education

  • Skill Training and Livelihood Enhancement

  • Healthcare & Hygiene

  • Financial Literacy and Inclusion

The Sustainability element in the Integrated Annual Report outlines the work undertaken by the Bank by engaging with the communities to work on reducing poverty, achieving zero hunger, providing clean water & sanitation, quality education, and creating sustainable cities and communities to name a few.


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