HDFC Bank to improve quality of education for 17,000 students in government schools

To benefit over 17,000 students in 170+ govt. schools in four states

Indore (Madhya Pradesh), April 6, 2017:

HDFC Bank Ltd., to improve the quality of education for over 17,000 students government schools across four states. The Bank will work with the governments of four states namely Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan, and Maharashtra to make a difference in the lives of school students in these states. The Bank has partnered Magic Bus India Foundation to implement this initiative.

Named ‘Project Disha’, this initiative is a holistic model of development for students studying in government schools at remote locations. Through ‘Project Disha’, HDFC Banks strives to improve delivery of education to make it easier and interesting for students to grasp concepts of various subjects. In addition, the initiative will build the life skills of students, particularly their self-belief and resilience to help them imbibe the academic knowledge better. In Madhya Pradesh, ‘Project Disha’ will be rolled out in 36 government schools and will benefit over 3,800 students. As part of this initiative, the Bank will

  • Improve education delivery in classrooms by training teachers
  • Introduce experiential learning through an innovative science lab
  • Teach necessary life-skills

Outcome of the project:

  • Higher learning levels in numeracy, reading and science
  • Reduction in drop outs and class progression
  • Completion of Formal Education NEW