For Individuals (Persons resident outside Bahrain)

Account opening form
Photocopy of passport / Photocopy of valid visa / work permit / residence card
Address proof: Electricity bill / Telephone bill / Bank account statement
Valid Identity card: Government Issued for Self employed and Salaried / Issued by company for salaried
One Photograph
Client profiler
Supporting income documents if investments exceed USD 100,000
*Self attest all documents. Bills and Bank statements not more than 3 months old

Corporates / partnership

Board resolution authorising the opening of account with HDFC Bank-Bahrain Branch
Certificate of Incorporation or registration (or similar document) (certified copy)
Memorandum and Articles of Association or other constitutive document (certified copy)
Licence or registration certificate from any other relevant regulatory authority (certified copy)
Certificate of Good Standing (or similar document)
Audited annual accounts for the past two years
Documents confirming signature authority for accounting opening and operating signatories (Resolutions by the Shareholders or the Board, Power of Attorney (certified copy)
Certified Passport copy of each authorised signatory
Certified National identity copy of each authorised signatory (certified copy) 
List of principal beneficial owner(s) (persons or entities holding more than 5%, directly or indirectly, or having effective control over the company’s assets) and passport copy for each beneficial owner (certified copy)
Proof of address of the Company – latest electricity bill (certified copy)
*bank statements / bills, they should not be more than 3 months old.

Existing customers of HDFC Bank India

An existing customer of HDFC Bank, India is considered as a new customer for HDFC Bank, Bahrain; hence is required to submit all documents as mentioned above. 

Existing customers of HDFC Bank Bahrain

Duly filled Service request form