• Enjoy higher interest rate on your deposits
  • Partial withdrawal of the deposits is allowed
  • Avail of Overdraft upto 90% of the deposit
  • Repatriate your complete deposit (principal and interest) at any time
  • Enjoy tax exemption from the entire deposit (principal and interest)
  • Open the deposit jointly with any other NRI
  • Avail of the nomination facility
  • Avail of the Sweep- in facility on your fixed deposit
  • Maintain the deposit for a tenure of minimum 1 year and a maximum of 10 years

Depositing money to your account

To deposit money in your NRE Fixed Deposit, you can:

  • Transfer funds from abroad in a freely convertible foreign currency
  • Present foreign currency notes/travellers cheques brought in by you or another NRI during a visit to India
  • Directly remit the amount to us
  • Transfer funds from an existing NRE/FCNR Account held in other Banks