Third Party Fund Transfer

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Third Party Fund Transfer

All You Need To Know

Xoom Corporation

HDFC Bank has recently entered into a remittance tie up with online money transfer company, .The remitter can use for instant credit to any HDFC Bank account in India.

It requires registration to be done with Xoom Corporation through their website where the details of the registration process are available. One can click the HDFC Bank logo available on their website for a quick access to transfer money to India through Xoom. 

Wells Fargo Express Send

HDFC Bank has tied up with Wells Fargo, one of the largest banks in the USA, for remittances to India. Wells Fargo's remittance service is known as Express Send, where the remitter needs to sign up with Wells Fargo Bank for availing the Express Send service.

Click here for steps to enrol for Wells Fargo Express Send services


HDFC has partnered with Remitly to offer customers an easy, fast, and safe way to transfer money to any HDFC bank account in India. Remitly's service provides a remitter with an expected date and time of each transfer's arrival, known as their Delivery Promise, and the ability to track the transfer along the way through email and text messages

Remitly is the largest independent digital remittance company headquartered in the United States, transferring $5 billion in annualized volume from its customers in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada to loved ones throughout the world. The company's proprietary global transfer network includes its easy-to-use mobile app, which makes the process of sending money faster, easier, more transparent, and less costly by eliminating the forms, codes, agents, extra time and fees typical of the traditional, century-old money transfer process. For more information, visit 


HDFC Bank has partnered with TRANSFAST to offer instant bank deposits when sending money to India, to HDFC Bank accounts. To avail of this service, remittance sender must register at and complete a transaction.

TRANSFAST is a leading provider of multi-currency, cross-border payments solutions to consumers and businesses around the world. The company operates a best-in-class network across more than 120 countries and 200,000 payout points in the Americas, Middle East, Asia, Europe, Australia and Africa. For rates and more information, visit: