Rates & Fees


Registration Process

Register yourself for Quick Remit service

  • Step 2: Select Quickremit and click on Register. Select Country where you live and Complete registration by filling your details and creating your Login User ID and password.

Please note : There is no need to add your local bank account on our website

Transaction process

  • Register your beneficiary on the Quickremit platform (if not already registered)
  • Add Beneficiary details like Name, Address, Beneficiary Bank Name and City
  • Enter the Beneficiary Account Number and Submit. The beneficiary will now be registered with Quickremit.
  • Initiate a transaction (Send Money) to your selected Beneficiary with the amount you wish to transfer
  • Provide details of your own account from which the funds will be transferred
  • Note down the credit details displayed like the Correspondent Bank, 6 digit BSB Code and the Account Number* visible under the 'Correspondent Bank Details' section on your screen
  • Note down the 10 digit Remittance Transaction Reference Number (RTRN) (visible on the Remittance Receipt)
  • Log on to your Internet Net Banking Application of your bank in Australia
  • Initiate payment/transfer of funds to another bank account from your net banking platform

Enter the details for fund transfer as follows:

Recipient Account Name:HDFC BANK Remit
Recipient Bank BSB Number:035812
Recipient Account Number: *Enter the Account Number* (displayed on the Quickremit website) 
This Account number is unique to each transaction. Please do not save this number. Enter the BSB code and account number without any spaces
Transaction Remarks/Notes:Enter the 10 digit alpha numeric RTRN here


Process mechanism : 

We assure you that once we receive the amount of your remittance, (within 4 working days) the same will be dispatched to your beneficiary. 

We would send you confirmation e-mail once the funds are dispatched to your recipient 

We are sure that you would be extremely pleased with our service as to most care is being taken while transferring your money.

Tracking your remittance

  • If your transaction status reads "Funds in Clearing" then it means that we haven't received credit. As soon as we receive the money, the notification changes without delaying payment to the recipient in India.
  • Also, receive email updates about your transaction status