Annual turnover

Between ₹ 7.5 crores and ₹ 200 crores

Type of business

Sole proprietorship, HUF, partnership firm, private limited or public limited company

Business background

Minimum three years in the same business and location

Minimum six months of assets / liability relationship with HDFC Bank

Sanctioned credit facility with a bank (for exposures greater than ₹ 1 crore)

Not listed in RBI Defaulter's List, CIBIL database or in any negative database of HDFC Bank

Satisfactory conduct with existing banker

Group concerns not listed in RBI / CIBIL / Internal database of the Bank

Positive TNW and PAT for two years

Processing Fees

Upto 1% (plus taxes) of the facility amount or Rs 7500/- (plus taxes) whichever is higher

Rs 5000/- (plus taxes) will be collected upfront as non-refundable administrative cost towards the legal and valuation expenses incurred prior loan sanction. For Shopkeeper Loan (unsecured): Upto 2% (plus taxes) of the facility amount