Enjoy the surety of HDFC Bank, when you want to apply for large-scale projects or obtain advance payments. We provide payment surety to your beneficiaries through Domestic/Foreign BGs. Our BGs are widely acceptable by Government agencies, Capital Market Agencies, and all major corporates.

We issue Domestic Bank Guarantees and Foreign Bank Guarantees against 100% Fixed Deposit. Our Bank Guarantee (BG) comes with a unique feature of BG issuance in 3 hours*. You can submit a request at our HDFC Bank branch or submit request online through one of digital channels – Wooqer link or Trade on Net platform.

Types of BGs

  • Performance Guarantees: We provide performance guarantees that assure your counterparty of your commitment to fulfil contractual obligations accurately and in a timely manner. These guarantees are invaluable when engaging in projects, tenders, or contracts that require the demonstration of financial capability and reliability.
  • Payment Guarantees: Our payment guarantees provide the assurance and security necessary for seamless trade transactions. Whether it is an advance payment guarantee or payment against documents, our guarantees facilitate the smooth flow of funds between buyers and sellers, ensuring that you can conduct business with confidence.
  • Financial Guarantees: Our financial guarantees are designed to meet a wide range of financial obligations. Whether it involves lease agreements, customs duties, or other financial commitments, we offer tailored solutions to support your business objectives and facilitate your financial transactions.