Current Charges

Processing Fees

Upto 1% (plus taxes) of the facility amount or Rs 7500/- (plus taxes) whichever is higher

Rs 5000/- (plus taxes) will be collected upfront as non-refundable administrative cost towards the legal and valuation expenses incurred prior loan sanction. For Shopkeeper Loan (unsecured): Upto 2% (plus taxes) of the facility amount. 

No Processing Fee & Renewal Fee will be charged for the cases worth CAM value upto Rs.5 lacs.

Renewal Fee

Upto 1% (plus taxes) of facility amount.

Stamp Duty & other statutory charges

As per actuals which are applicable in laws of the state

Issuance of No Due Certificate / No Objection Certificate (NOC)

No charges for original however for duplicate NOC, Rs 250/- (plus taxes) are applicable.

ROC filling charges (On customer request)

Vendor professional charges + MCA fees + GST Vendor professional fees of Rs 2250 and MCA fees are as mentioned : 0- 30 days Normal Fees Rs 600 , 31- 60 days bucket Additional Fees Rs 4200/-, 61 to 120 days Advalerom Fees 0.05% of Exposure Amount Plus 18% GST on professional fees

Customers may also avail services of other vendors as per their convenience.

Issuance of Solvency certificate

1% of the solvency certification value subject to minimum of Rs 1,000 (plus taxes) and maximum of Rs 25,000 (plus taxes)

Commission on LC/BG issuance

Upto 1.8% on LC/BG Amount (plus taxes)

Service Charges - for processing Physical Stock Statement.

Rs. 500 for every physical stock statement collected or submitted.

(Stock statement submitted digitally i.e. through email/Online will not attract any charges)

Conversion Charges (For revising rate of interest)

0.25% plus taxes as applicable on loan outstanding in case of Term loan and on sanctioned amount for other Working Capital Facility (e.q. Cash Credit / Overdraft etc.) or Rs. 5,000 plus taxes as applicable, whichever is higher

Stock Audit Charges

For Sanctioned Limits upto Rs. 5 Crs: Rs.8,000/- plus taxes as applicable

For Sanctioned Limits above Rs.5 Crs: Rs.12,000/- plus taxes as applicable

**For the customers having multiple locations, stock audit charges to paid/recovered according to the number of visits to factory, office, godown etc.

Commitment Charges

if Average Utilization>= 60% then no charges, If Average utilization is < 60% then 0.50% per annum on the difference between actual utilization and expected average quarterly utilization i.e. 60%.

These Charges will be levied on a quarterly basis (plus taxes)

Applicable only for CC/OD facility

Late payment penalty on delayed payment of EMI- Term Loan

24% per annum (plus taxes) on the overdue EMI amount

Legal / Valuation

Actual as Per vendor quotation will be collected towards the valuation expenses and Rs 7500 or actual per property whichever is higher towards legal expenses.

EMI bounce charges for term loans

Rs 450 (plus taxes) Per EMI bounce

Cersai Charges for creation / modification of security interest on collateral securities.

Rs. 100 +GST

Takeover charges

Up to 4% of loan Principal outstanding for Term loan and 4% of the sanctioned amount for Working Capital Facility (plus taxes). Micro & Small Enterprises as defined under MSMED Act 2006 are exempted irrespective of the limits/out standings. However, if a loan is taken over by other Banks/FIs, up to 2% takeover charges will be applied

EMI bounce charges for term loans

INR 450 (plus taxes) Per EMI bounce

Late payment penalty on delayed payment of EMI- Term Loan

24% per annum (plus taxes) on the overdue EMI amount

Penal charges on customer exposures, overdue for renewal of credit facilities

0.075% fortnightly

Penal charges for customers not submitting the Letter Acknowledging their Debt (LAD)

@18% from the date of LAD overdue, subject to a minimum of Rs.2500 per month.

Incremental charges on Temporary overdrafts (TOD)

18% p.a. on TOD amount availed for the days, TOD is used.

Non-Submission of property/stock/Plant & Machinery insurance

0.075% fortnightly

Non-Submission of stock statement

0.05% of DP per Month

Maintaining Current Account with Other Bank while facility is granted under Sole Banking (Applicable where specific permission is not taken by the customer)

0.075% fortnightly

Not complying with documentation for the credit facility.

0.075% fortnightly

Intra-Day Peak utilization charges


BBG/HCF - 18% per annum on the excess utilization over and above the set limit.

Note: All the above charges/fees/Commissions are exclusive of taxes.

All the fee should be made vide Account payee Cheque / Pay order /Demand draft/ Fund transfer/Autodebit/ RTGSNEFT / ECS.
* NIL foreclosure charges / pre-payment penalties on all floating rate term loans sanctioned to individual borrowers, with immediate effect. Service Tax is also applicable over and above the regular charges.
*Service tax wherever applicable will be charged extra.