Description of charges

Healthcare Finance - HDFC Bank

Cheque bouncing charges

Rs.550 per return instance

Prepayment Charges

4 % + GST as applicable

Stamp Duty

At Actuals

Late Payment Penalty

2% per month on unpaid EMI

Processing fees (Non-Refundable)

1% of the Loan amount + applicable Service Taxes

Asset verification charges

At Actuals

Insurance charges

At Actuals

Loan Cancellation charges

Rs 2000 /- + service tax applicable

Legal/Collection/Repossession and Incidental charges

At Actuals

Service/Documentation charges

upto 1.5% of the Loan amount

Issuance of Duplicate NOC and Special NOC Charges.

Rs 500/- will be charged for Physical copy

Cheque Swap Charges


Repayment Schedule Charges

Rs. 200/-

Rebooking Charges 


All the fee should be made vide Account payee Cheque / Pay order /Demand draft/ Fund transfer/Autodebit/ RTGSNEFT / ECS.
* NIL foreclosure charges / pre-payment penalties on all floating rate term loans sanctioned to individual borrowers, with immediate effect. Service Tax is also applicable over and above the regular charges.
*Service tax wherever applicable will be charged extra.