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Common questions for all ATMs

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What should I do in case I have used my ATM/Debit Card at an HDFC Bank ATM or another bank’s ATM and have not received the amount I wanted to withdraw or I have received less money?

If one of these scenarios occurs you should:

Am I eligible for compensation for delays beyond 7 working days?

Yes. Effective from July 1, 2011, a bank will have to pay you Rs. 100 per day for any delay beyond 7 working days, only if the complaint is lodged within 30 days of the date of the transaction. This will have to be credited to your account without any claim being made by you.

Can these cards be used at any bank ATM in the country?

Yes, the cards issued by banks in India can be used at any bank ATM within India.

What should I do in case my ATM / Debit Card gets stuck in another bank’s ATM?

In case your HDFC Bank card gets stuck in another bank's ATM machine, please block your card immediately by either:

Do I incur charges if I use my HDFC Bank ATM / Debit Card at other bank’s ATMs?

Yes, the use of other Bank ATMs will incur charges, the details of which are as follows:

How can I use the "Funds Transfer" option at the ATM?

To use the Funds Transfer option, you must have more than one Savings (single, either or survivor) or sole proprietorship Current Account linked to the same ATM / Debit Card. Visit your nearest branch and place a request to link your accounts to your ATM / Debit Card. You can link up to 16 accounts to one ATM / Debit Card.

How do I use my ATM?

Follow the steps mentioned below to use your ATM / Debit Card at an ATM:

If have forgotten my ATM PIN, how can I retrieve it?

You can place a request to regenerate your ATM PIN by either:

  • Calling your local HDFC Bank PhoneBanking Number
  • Visiting your nearest HDFC Bank Branch

Based on your request, your ATM PIN will either be dispatched to your recorded mailing address or to your nearest branch from where you can collect it in person.

In case the compensation is not credited as mandated, what recourse do I have?

In such a case you may lodge a complaint with the local Banking Ombudsman, if the bank does not respond.

Is there any minimum and maximum cash withdrawal limit per day?

Yes, each bank sets a limit for cash withdrawals. The cash withdrawal limit for use at the ATM of the issuing bank is set by the bank when the card is issued. The maximum withdrawal limit is displayed at the respective ATM locations.
For cash withdrawals at other bank’s ATMs, a maximum limit of Rs. 10,000 per transaction has been decided upon. This information is displayed at the ATM location itself.

What are the facilities offered at ATMs?

ATMs don’t only help to dispense cash. You can avail of various other services:

What does "Valid up to 01/10" on my card mean?

The first two numbers indicate the month and the next two indicate the year till when your card is valid. Here it implies that the ATM / Debit Card is valid up to January 2010.

What is a Personal Identification Number (PIN)?

A Personal Identification Number (PIN) is a unique numeric password you need to use an ATM. Your PIN is either mailed to your address or handed over to you by the bank when you are issued your card. You should reset your PIN at the ATM once you receive it. For security reasons, most banks force you to change your PIN when you first use your card.

Remember never to write your PIN on your card, card holder or anywhere that makes it easy for someone to read it. If someone knows your PIN your card can easily be misused if it is lost or stolen.

What is an Automated Teller Machine (ATM)?

An Automated Teller Machine is a computerised machine that offers bank customers the ability to access their accounts to withdraw cash and carry out other financial transactions without visiting a bank branch.

What is the maximum number of days that a bank will require to re-credit the account for wrong debits?

As per RBI instructions, a bank may re-credit wrongly debited amounts within a maximum period of 7 working days.

What should I do if I forget my PIN or my card gets stuck in an ATM machine?

If this happens you should contact your card issuing bank branch immediately and apply for its retrieval or for a new card.

What should I do if during the cash withdrawal process, I don’t receive cash from the ATM but my account is still debited for the amount?

You can lodge a complaint with the card issuing bank. This is applicable even if the transaction was carried out at another bank’s ATM.

What should I do if I lose my card?

You should contact your card issuing bank immediately to block your card.

What should I do in case my ATM / Debit Card gets stuck inside an ATM machine?

When this happens you need to either:

  • Lodge a complaint with the local HDFC Bank PhoneBanking Number
  • Visit your nearest HDFC Bank Branch. You can request for your card to be delivered either to your mailing address (the one you have given to the Bank) or to the nearest branch where you will have to collect it in person.

What transactions can I perform using my ATM / Debit Card?

You can perform a whole host of transactions with your ATM / Debit Card. Here they are:

What type of cards can I use at an ATM?

You can use any ATM, Debit, Credit or Prepaid Card that permits cash withdrawals at an ATM. You can also use these cards for various other transactions.

Which cards can be used at HDFC Bank ATMs?

You can use the following cards at our ATMs:

Will I incur any charge to have my ATM PIN re-generated?

You will be charged Rs. 25 (including taxes) to get your ATM PIN regenerated.

How fast will I receive the funds in my account in case money is not dispensed from another bank’s ATM, after I have used it?

In case you get less or no cash from the other bank’s ATM then your HDFC Bank account will be credited for the disputed amount within 7 working days from the date you logged a complaint, if the complaint has been decided in your favour.

You will receive an amount of Rs. 100 per day (for every day beyond 7 days) for complaints decided in your favour if the disputed amount is not credited to your HDFC Bank account. This is only if the complaint is logged within 30 days of the date of the transaction.

Whom am I supposed to contact in case my card is lost or stolen?

In case your card is lost or stolen, please block your card immediately to avoid it from being misused. To block your card either:

What is the maximum amount I can withdraw on my ATM Card / Debit Card at an ATM?

You can withdraw up to Rs. 10,000 per day using your ATM Card. Per day ATM Withdrawal limit on your Debit Card will be depended on the type of Debit Card held by you.

For HDFC bank ATM /Debit card used at Non-HDFC bank ATM, the daily withdrawal limit is Rs 10, 000.

Do banks levy any service charge for use of other bank’s ATMs?

As advised by the RBI circular (Usage of ATMs - Rationalisation of number of free transactions) dated 14th August 2014, the banks can charge customers beyond three transactions on Other Bank ATMs at Metro locations & beyond five transactions on Other Bank ATMs at Non Metro locations. Additionally banks are also permitted to levy charges on customers for usage of Own Bank ATMs beyond a limit of 5 transactions per month. The cap on service charge that can be levied by banks is Rs. 20 plus applicable taxes per transaction. For detailed information, please check the respective bank's website.