How do you set-up a business without any business know-how?

Cathlab at Lakecity Hospital by Dr. Yogesh Kharche and Dr. Ameya Chavan

The Beginning 

The first thing doctors are taught at any medical college is an oath to uphold the integrity of medicine and the profession. As consulting cardiac surgeons, this has guided our actions at various hospitals in the city. But with time, we realised that we could do so much more to help people. It was then that we decided to set up our own Cathlab at Lakecity multi-speciality hospital in Thane. 

The Challenge 

Being in the professional field, we did not have any knowledge of setting up a business. So, the biggest hurdle for us was finance, because heart surgery equipment is expensive. We could either take on a big loan or apply for a government subsidy. But the subsidy process takes time, and everything in this profession is time-bound, so a delay means loss of lives. 

The Partnership of Success 

It was then that HDFC Bank MyBusiness came to our rescue. They sanctioned a loan worth ninety per cent of the amount we needed for medical equipment in no time. Not just that, they also gave us business advice and a corporate card facility for digital marketing purposes, an important component that hadn’t occurred to us. Its credit lifecycle, online portals and working capital facility are the reason why our Cath lab is thriving today. Because we were able to focus on saving lives instead of worrying about finances. 

“Now, we can proudly say that HDFC Bank MyBusiness helped us go from cardiac surgeons to entrepreneurs, and enabled us to provide subsidised medical care to the underprivileged.” 

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