Seamless Business Payments with POS Card Swipe Machine

Seamless Business Payments with POS Card Swipe Machine

HDFC Bank - Card Swipe POS Machine

Accept payments across different modes

Secure and encrypted transactions

Types of POS Machines


  • Receive all forms of digital payments, enabling your customers to use payment methods per their preferences.
  • Ensure seamless transaction processing with robust connectivity options, including GPRS/3G/4G and Wi-Fi.
  • Enhance customer experience with quick and secure NFC-enabled ‘Tap & Pay’ feature.
  • Effortless tracking of payments with real-time audio prompt feature.
  • Get digital receipts for streamlined record-keeping of payments.

Mini Android

  • Accept every form of digital payment, making it easier to adapt to different customer preferences and payment options.
  • Get seamless network access to accept payments with GPRS/3G/4G and Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • Boost your speed at the point-of-sale with NFC supported ‘Tap & Pay’ option.
  • Go paperless with digital charge slips and simplify record-keeping.
  • Attractive pricing and zero-hidden costs.


  • Get consistent network connection with GPRS technology even in the poor connectivity regions.
  • Meet customers’ payment preferences by supporting all modes of payments.
  • Access the ‘Tap & Pay’ feature for PIN-less payments.
  • Equipped with a printer device for immediate printing of paper charge slips.
  • Get instant assistance and guidance with our robust customer support network.


  • Seamlessly pair your smartphone via Bluetooth for enhanced portability.
  • Enhance transaction flexibility for customers by accepting all forms of digital payments.
  • Affordable solution for businesses of all sizes.
  • User-friendly interface for easy set-up and operations.
  • Access value-added services like EasyEMI facility for customers.

Sound Box

  • Get audio prompts for easy payment tracking.
  • GPRS/3G/4G and Wi-Fi connectivity supported for seamless operations.
  • Get round-the-clock customer support whenever you need it.

Benefits of POS Swipe Machine​​​​​​​

A single view of reports allows you to stay aware of business performance on-demand.

Faster acceptance:

Customers no longer have to wait in long lines for their turn thanks to rapid card acceptance.

Minimal supervision of owner at shop:

Trained employees can easily manage billing and inventory without your intervention.

Convenience and affordability:

Priced in a manner that helps your business thrive.

End-to-end billing:

To help you keep track of all transactions.


Acceptance of payments in more than 110 international currencies.

Features of POS Machine

​​​​​​​Multiple money collection options

  • With POS, payments can be collected via Debit and Credit cards via Swipe, Dip and Tap mechanism.
  • Digital payments such as Bharat QR and UPI are also accepted via any Bank’s mobile app, PayZapp, Phone Pe, GPay, BHIM UPI, Mobikwik, Paytm UPI and other UPI applications.
  • The SMS Pay feature can be used to share payment links instantly via SMS for home deliveries to ensure payment as the delivery is in transit or after it has been delivered.

Excellent connectivity

POS works easily with 3G or 4G internet connections, and can easily be made to work with your in-store Wifi as well.


To help you experience a better way to conduct business, your POS terminal is directly linked to your phone via the SmartHub Vyapar merchant app.

Real-time reports

Keep track of all business activities and transactions via Merchant World.

Flexible receipt options

Prefer providing digital receipts to customers? You can easily switch between digital and paper-based receipts based on the need of the hour.

Customer support

For any queries about your terminal, you can get in touch 24x7 with our customer support via calls, in-app web messaging or email. Our customer support team is also trained to provide support in 7 regional languages.


Experience highly affordable rates and attractive pricing to help your business make the most of technology and a better POS. With zero hidden costs on our POS terminals, you can focus your full attention on growing your business.

​​​​​​​Value-added services

Every business can benefit from smart banking solutions at the right moments to spur growth. You can avail Credit Cards and exclusive offers on loans based on transaction history, while extending the EasyEMI facility to customers and helping them convert large purchases into more affordable EMIs. Your Savings and Current Account can also be linked to monitor and manage secure settlements.


  • A secure solution that provides you with the ability to offer international customers the choice to make any and all payments in their home currency via debit or credit cards.
  • This resolves cardholder issues such as lack of transparency regarding costs in home currency, complicated expense reporting for business travellers and the inability to make informed decisions while making a purchase.
  • FlexiCurrency will result in reduced chargebacks for you while helping you attract new international customers and generate revenue as well.

Payment-friendly POS

Receive customer payments through various methods via your HDFC Bank POS. Accepted modes of payments include:

  • Tap-on-Phone 
  • UPI  
  • Static and Dynamic QR codes 
  • SMS Pay 
  • Pay Later/Khata 
  • One view payments 
  • Cash register 


What is the full form of POS?

POS stands for POINT OF SALE. It refers to a location, such as a merchant store, where customers are billed for the purchase of goods and services. A POS terminal typically serves as the last point of your customers’ shopping journey.

How does POS machine help you?

If you have Retail stores such as supermarkets, fashion stores or restaurants, etc. and accept digital payments you can rely on POS to process all transactions quick and hassle free.

How can you apply for a POS machine?

You need to get in touch with an HDFC Bank executive to get a POS system for your business. Click here to get started or visit your nearest HDFC Branch.

What is POS?

POS is a Point-of-sale machine given by HDFC bank which accepts all forms of digital transactions other than your card transactions such as SMS pay, UPI/BQR, NFC (tap &pay),EMI transactions etc.

What is NFC(tap & Pay)

Near-Field Communication, is a feature in your POS device supported by a digitalise tag that helps you accept contactless payments from the card holder.

Is there an amount limit for NFC transactions?

According to RBI guidelines, transaction value up to Rs 5,000 can be made using NFC cards without any authentication/pin.

What entities are involved in a POS transaction?

A POS transaction comprises the following:

  1. Merchant: the business that sells goods and services

  2. Acquiring bank: the merchant’s bank or the bank that has installed the POS system

  3. Cardholder: the customers or consumers

  4. Issuing bank: the bank that has issued the card or digital payment App to the customer

  5. Card network: Payment processors or transaction routing and settling agencies

When will my account get credited with the transaction amount?

Funds processed using a POS machine shall be settled within 24 hours.

What is the TAT for POS machine servicing?

Top 30 cities - Within 2 working days

Beyond 30 cities - Within 4 working days

How can I check my daily transactions?

A daily MPR report is sent by Bank to you via email that has details of your daily transactions.

What is a MPR?

MPR stands for merchant pay-out report, this report contains details of all the successful transactions done on your POS device that will helps you tally your transactions.

What types of cards can merchants accept as payments at POS terminals?

POS machines allow you to accept almost all types of Debit Card and Credit Cards. However, the decision to accept cards of certain specific networks lies with you. Payment processors or card networks typically charge merchants a fee to process card transactions.

Can POS terminals accept international Debit Cards and Credit Cards? *

HDFC Bank’s POS system comes with a FlexiCurrency feature which allows merchants to accept payments in international currencies. As a business owner, you can accept payments in 110+ foreign currencies.

What is the difference between static and dynamic QR codes?

A static QR codes once created, cannot be edited. The customer has to enter the amount manually every time they make a transaction. Dynamic QR codes change with every new transaction. Customers need not enter the amount manually. When they scan the QR code on their mobile devices, the amount is automatically displayed along with the merchant’s bank details. They only need to verify the transaction by entering the PIN.

What does Merchant Discount Rate (MDR) mean?

MDR is the commission that a merchant’s acquiring bank charges the merchant for processing transactions.

What are ON-US and OFF-US transactions?

A transaction where the issuing bank is also the acquiring bank is termed as an ON-US transaction. Transactions where the issuing bank and acquiring bank are different entities are called OFF-US transactions.

What is a sound box?

Sound box is an audio assisted smart device that provides instant notifications for each successful payment receipt, a portable device for your daily payment alerts with voice confirmation which comes with a SIM based connectivity.

Why should you use a sound box?

It makes your transaction process faster as you do not have to spend time to check if you have received your payment. When a customer makes a payment by scanning a QR code the sound box will notify you of successful payments with a loud alert.