Description of charges

Commercial Vehicles Finance

EMI Return charges*

Rs. 550/- per instance

Premature Closure charges*

4 % of POS (Principle Outstanding) for preclosures with 1 year from 1st EMI

2% of POS (Principle Outstanding) for preclosures after 1 year from 1st EMI

As per BCSBI guidelines, for borrowers classified as Micro and Small Enterprises(MSE)  NIL Premature Closure Charges will be applicable for all floating rate loans and for Fixed rate loan facility up to Rs. 50 Lakh, closure to be from Own funds.

For MSE customers, 2% takeover charges will be applicable in case of takeover of the loan by another Bank / Financier. Bank reserves the right to enquire or ask the documentary proof of source of funds for closure request of loans.

Cheque/ECS Swap Charges

Rs. 500/- per transaction

Duplicate Amortisation Schedule Charges

Rs. 200/- per schedule

Loan Re-schedulement/Rebooking Charges

Rs. 1000/-

Duplicate/Special NOC Charges

Rs. 500/- per instance

CIBIL Report Charges(on request)

Rs. 50/- per request

Stamp Duty

At actuals

Delayed instalment payment charge

1.50% per month (18% p.a.) plus applicable government taxes on overdue instalment amount

Processing fees (Non-Refundable)*

New/Used Loans: up to 1.50% of the Loan Amount

Service Charges*

Up to 1.50% of the Loan Amount

Valuation charges*

Rs. 900/- per asset

Asset verification charges

At Actuals

Legal/Collection/Repossession and Incidental chargesIncidental charges are those expenses that are not budgeted or specified but are incurred by the bank on behalf of the customer.

At Actuals

Loan Cancellation

In the event of cancellation of loan, interest charges from disbursement date till refund of disbursement amount will be borne by the customer. Processing Fee, Stamp Duty are non-refundable charges and would not be waived/refunded in case of loan cancellation.

Average Rates offered to customer during the period of Jan to Mar 2024

Minimum IRR

Maximum IRR

Average IRR




Average Annual Percentage Rate offered to customer during the period of  Jan to Mar 2024

Minimum APR

Maximum APR

Average APR




*Where ever notified Service Tax and other government levies, as applicable, would be charged additionally at the applicable rates

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