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HDFC Bank helps trusts and non-profit organisations with a wide range of custodial services for efficient and hassle-free functioning.

These include safekeeping of securities, participation in RBI (Reserve Bank of India) auctions and maintenance of the SGL (Subsidiary General Ledger) accounts. Our services help trusts increase returns on their funds, reduce costs of their incoming and outgoing remittances and enjoy seamless reporting on their accounts and transactions.

Custodial And Depository Services

Get competitive rates and structured products for your funding needs
  • Enjoy specialised custodial and depository services backed by state-of-the-art technology
  • Safeguard all types of securities by storing them in secure vaults
  • Benefit from our expertise as a custodian for leading exchanges

Participation In RBI Auctions

Get end-to-end support to benefit from RBI auctions of treasury bills
  • Bid in RBI auctions, settle your transactions and convert your physical securities to demat
  • Buy T-bills of maturities of 14, 91, 182 and 364 days
  • Enjoy the convenience of automatic credit of redemptions to SGL account

SGL Maintenance

Enjoy hassle-free and efficient maintenance of your SGL account
  • Purchase state and central government securities
  • Get direct credits of redemption to your SGL account
  • Make non-competitive bids for central government dated securities held by the RBI

For more information write to us at fig@hdfcbank.com