Electronic Cash Management Services (eCMS)

Electronic Cash Management Services (eCMS)

eCMS is a specialized tailor made online payment service offered to large corporates / institution having fixed set of customers e.g dealers, investors, policy holders etc.

How does eCMS work?

  • HDFC Bank allocates a unique prefix to each corporate.
  • The Virtual Account Number is a combination of HDFC Bank prefix & unique code allocated by the corporates to their customers/dealers. That is: Corporate prefix + Dealer Code, or Corporate prefix + Policy Number.
  • Each of these virtual accounts is mapped to beneficiary’s account.

Who can use eCMS facility?

  • All Corporates registered with HDFC Bank under eCMS product offering can advise their customer / Dealers to remit the funds using HDFC Bank on NetBanking platform.

How to use eCMS facility?

Add Beneficiary

  • To transfer funds through eCMS facility, the Customer needs to add the Virtual Account as a beneficiary.
  • This option is available through the Beneficiary Addition transaction in the Funds Transfer tab.
  • Numeric Virtual Accounts of 14 - 16 digits cannot be added as beneficiary for eCMS.
  • Beneficiary activation takes 30 minutes post being added.
  • To keep your account secured, as per the Bank's policy, you are allowed to transfer money up to INR 50,000/- (in full or parts) during the first 24 hours, for the newly added beneficiary.

After 24 hours, the transfer limit will be your TPT limit.

Maximum of 4 payment modes (across payees) can be added in a day.

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