Cash Management Services - Overview

Manage payables & receivables to optimise your cash flows

Cash Management Services - Overview

Efficient Collections And Disbursements

Increase the efficiency of your collections and disbursements with HDFC Bank’s Cash Management Services (CMS). We help you manage your cash and liquid resources with end-to-end payment and collection services

Our state-of-the-art-systems and services are helping some of India’s largest corporations improve their cash management.

Your organization can use our CMS to efficiently handle operating cash flows as well as specialised streams such as rights or public issues, excise and sales tax payments etc.

HDFC Bank’s services will help your organisation achieve three key benefits: Eliminate idle cash balances, reduce risk and monitor exposure, and make timely payments and collections.

Extensive Network

Lower your costs and get faster credits thanks to our extensive geographical coverage and connected network of branches. Manage your payments and collections at over 3,200 outlets across the country -- the largest network of online, electronically linked branches in the country. Our own network is backed by an extensive correspondent banking arrangement that allows us to offer you collections at over 1500+ locations and payments at 2000+ outlets.