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Value Added Services in Banking

HDFC Bank's Value Added Services enable you to mitigate forex risk, transfer funds, pay taxes, and more.

These services cover a lot of ground and high-growth enterprises will benefit from our wide range of customised and specialised products that make banking more convenient and efficient.

Forex Desk

Manage your forex risk and exposure with the help of our Forex Desk
  • Get prompt and competitive pricing
  • Benefit from economic, fundamental and technical analysis, and research-based recommendations
  • Transact round the clock with our 24-hour dealing room

Real Time Gross Settlement

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  • Transfer and receive funds immediately
  • Reduce interbank settlement risk
  • Save time and cost with the completely online process

Money Market Desk

Manage your interest rate risk more effectively
  • Invest in government securities, treasury bills and commercial paper
  • Improve management of your daily funds
  • Generate better returns on your funds

Cash Management Services

Increase the efficiency of your collections and disbursements
  • Eliminate idle cash balances
  • Improve your cash flows by timely deposits of your collections
  • Ensure you disburse your payments efficiently and on time

Derivatives Desk

Manage your interest rate risks with our derivatives desk
  • Invest in a variety of products – interest rate swaps, options, foreign currency swaps
  • Reduce your international trade risks with foreign currency swaps
  • Use derivatives to generate returns on your funds

Channel Financing

Increase dealer loyalty with our channel financing solutions
  • Give your dealers the convenience of an overdraft facility
  • Your dealers can enjoy discounting on bills drawn by you
  • Help your dealers integrate B2B solutions for ease of transactions

Employees Trusts

Improve returns on your employee benefit programs
  • Keep your securities safe with custodian services
  • Participate in RBI auctions and transact seamlessly
  • Track your accounts with regular statements

Corporate Salary Accounts

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  • Save administrative time with direct credits into employee accounts
  • Employees can benefit from features like InternetBanking, PhoneBanking and MobileBanking
  • Employees enjoy free demand drafts and preferential interest rates on loans

Cash Surplus Corporates

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  • Get help in selecting the right investment based on your risk appetite and liquidity needs
  • Invest in government securities, treasury bills and commercial paper
  • Put your surplus funds in securities with wide range of maturities

Reimbursement Account

Eliminate paperwork and cash while reimbursing employees
  • Save administrative time and costs with direct credits of reimbursements
  • Employees receive credits faster
  • Easier for them to track their reimbursements

Tax Payment

Pay a variety of state and central taxes 24x7
  • Pay after banking hours on cut-off date
  • Settle tax dues on public holidays
  • Settle your taxes on a completely secure platform

Bankers To Rights/Public Issue

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  • Benefit from nationwide reach and the support of excellent systems
  • Complete mandatory regulatory activities in time
  • Invest mobilised funds according to SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India) guidelines

Online Payment Of Gujarat VAT

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  • Pay your taxes in an easy, convenient and timely manner
  • Pay 24x7, from your home, office or even during travel
  • No need to do tedious paperwork or visit the tax office