Employee Trusts Benefit Program

Improve returns on employee benefit programs

Employee Trusts Benefit Program

About Employee Trusts

Improve the efficiency and returns on your employee trust’s benefit programs with HDFC Bank’s customised range of custodial, investment and banking services. Enjoy the dual advantages of a secure depository and the smooth administration of your securities. Put your employee benefit programs in safe hands.

Range Of Services

Prevent loss, theft, damage or destruction to your securities with our custodian services. Get professional investment advice and superior banking products to effectively manage your programs.

HDFC Bank will help you spot the right opportunities by keeping you updated about RBI auctions. Based on your instructions, we will bid for you in the auctions, settle your purchase or sale transactions, and convert your securities to dematerialised mode.

We will immediately deposit Incoming credits to your account and you will receive regular statements of interest, redemption and payments.

To keep track of your holdings, you may request account statements or call our 24x7 PhoneBanking facility to check your account anytime.

For more details, write to us at fig@hdfcbank.com