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Savings Account

HDFC Bank has a savings account for all your needs, from no-frills, zero deposit to feature-rich, customised accounts.

You can access your savings account to bank 24x7 through a wide network of branches and ATMs as well as facilities such as Netbanking, MobileBanking and PhoneBanking. In addition, get great offers and privileges via the debit card that comes with your savings account.

Regular Savings Account

  • cheque imageGet a free personalised chequebook
  • card imageKeep a check on your account with free monthly email statements
  • bill payment imagePay your utility bills with the free BillPay service

SavingsMax Account

  • interest imageGet a lifetime free Platinum Debit card
  • lifeinsurance imageUse the auto-sweep facility to earn higher interest on idle money
  • atm imageGet free unlimited number of cash withdrawals at ATMs

Womens Savings Account

  • card imageEarn ₹ 1 cash back on every ₹ 200 spent
  • income imageSave up to ₹ 2375 with special loan offers
  • interest imageEnjoy 2% lower interest rate on two-wheeler loan

Kids Advantage Account

  • card imageGet International Debit Card for children with guardian consent
  • student imageGet free education insurance cover of ₹ 1 lakh
  • coin imageBuild up a future fund with ₹ 1,000 every month

Senior Citizen's Account

  • hospitalEnjoy a lifetime free EasyShop International Debit Card
  • hospitalGet accident hospitalisation reimbursement cover of ₹ 50,000 per annum
  • interest imageClaim a daily cash allowance of ₹ 500 per day for 15 days hospitalisation

Government Scheme Beneficiary Savings Account

  • Choose a premium debit card to match your banking needs
  • Enjoy higher cash transaction limits of Rs.10 Lakh/ month
  • Get easy payment option with free BillPay facility

Family Savings Group Account

  • All account holders get a free for life EasyShop International Debit Card
  • Get a locker at 50% discount for the year of allotment
  • Get free DDs and MCs in HDFC Bank branches

Basic Savings Bank Deposit Account (BSBDA) Small Account

  • Enjoy a zero-deposit, zero balance account
  • Avail of a free Rupay Card to access your account
  • Get 5 free withdrawals at ATMs per month

Basic Savings Account

  • Enjoy a zero balance savings account
  • Avail of a free Rupay Card to access your account
  • Get 4 free cash withdrawals at branch per month

Institutional Savings Account

  • Get a zero-balance savings account
  • Simplify collection of donations and fees through Cash Management Services
  • Link account to HDFC Bank payment gateway easy collection

Saving Farmers Account

  • Pay utility bills easily through free BillPay facility
  • Access your account via a free Premium Rupay card
  • Enjoy 5 free transactions at HDFC Bank ATMs