Term Loan For SMEs

Expand your business with quick financing support

Term Loan For SMEs

Scaling up a business or making technological advancements requires steady funding – and HDFC Bank MyBusiness promises just that. Finance expansion plans, meet cashflow emergencies, make purchases and spend on other expenditure needs with our convenient short-term financing options. 

Whatever be your business need, with MyBusiness solutions, consider it fulfilled. We offer customised Term Loans to suit your requirements and smooth out your business finance. This way, you can select a repayment schedule that matches your cash flow and focus on your expansion goals. 

All You Need To Know

Use of loan funds

Use term loans for business expansion, cash flow financing capital expenditure and purchase of fixed assets


Enjoy tenure of up to five years


Schedule repayments to match your cash flow

Ways to bank

Enjoy services at all branch locations

Write to BBWC-ProductGroup@in-hdfcbank.com for information on term loans

Short-term products

Avail short-term financing options to suit your requirements

Low-cost financing

Benefit from customized low-cost credit options on term loans