Correspondent Banking

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Correspondent Banking

About Correspondent Banking Services

HDFC Bank’s Correspondent Banking Services are especially designed for companies engaged in international trade, be it foreign organisations doing business with Indian companies or Indian enterprises with overseas interests.

Route inward and outward remittances through your HDFC Bank Account for quick processing, and access your rupee nostro account online. Apply for multiple fund-based and non-fund based services, from bank guarantees to letters of credit to easily transact and trade internationally.

Range Of Services For Correspondent Banking

HDFC Bank’s correspondent banking services make international trade smoother for clients through a wide bouquet of services. These include:

Trade Finance

Our trade finance services cover collection and realisation of Usance and Sight instruments in INR and major global currencies drawn on Indian banks or corporations; advice on letters of credit favouring Indian banks or enterprises; supplier’s credit or bill discounting facilities based on such letters of credit; rupee nostro accounts at competitive rates; and bid/ bonds and guarantees in local and foreign currencies

Corporate Funding

Get rupee funding or bank guarantees and letters of credit for your corporate clients in India


Efficient processing of inward and outward remittances in multiple currencies. NRIs can benefit from our proprietary remittance system called IndiaLink for remittances into India. Ensure timely delivery of remittances through our extensive tie-ups with reputed courier agencies.

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