The faster, easier way for your customers to send money to India


About IndiaLink

International banks (correspondent banks) and exchange houses can now simplify remittances to India for their customers with HDFC Bank’s IndiaLink service.

Make fund transfers to India a simple and fast process – your customers no longer need to make rupee demand drafts and use expensive courier services to send them to India. IndiaLink is a safe and quick way to send money to India.


With IndiaLink, you can cut the time your customer takes to send money to India from 15-20 days to just 3 working days. IndiaLink has an extensive network of reliable courier agencies to ensure quick delivery of drafts.

Give your customers immediate acknowledgement of the transaction, and allow them to send a personalised message along with the money to the beneficiary.

IndiaLink Process

The process to send money via IndiaLink is a simple one.

Your bank or exchange house must have a rupee account with us.

  1. The remitter submits the remittance details, fee and amount to you.
  2. You log onto the HDFC Bank site ( and through a secure interface enter the remittance details.
  3. We then process the request and either issue a Demand Draft (on our branches or correspondent/ exchange house banks from where it is sent by courier to the beneficiary) or directly credit the beneficiary accounts with us.

Beneficiaries can track the payment using the draft number and courier details.