Payment Services

Payment services to suit your needs

Payment Services

Prompt Payments

HDFC Bank offers many payment products to suit your various needs

Payable at Par Cheque Book

​​​​​​​Issue local cheques at all HDFC Bank branch locations through one cheque book and eliminate the need for demand drafts or opening current accounts at each location.

At-par facility for Statutory Payments

​​​​​​​Easily make various statutory payments such as dividend or interest, redemption of debentures, IPO refunds etc. Available at 3,200+ HDFC Bank locations.

Features include:

  • HDFC Bank branch locations - covers over 98% of shareholders and beneficiaries for most of our clients. Hence reconciliation, query resolution and pricing are superior
  • No dependency on correspondent bank due to wide coverage of HDFC Bank
  • The maximum limit on warrant can be mutually agreed upon - substantially reducing draft costs and efforts
  • Meet your requirement for large volumes of drafts in a short time at competitive rates
  • Get an at par cheque book on branch locations, after revalidation and eliminate the need for Demand Drafts (DD) on branch locations.

Pay Quick

Issue large volumes of demand drafts or pay orders at over 3,200 HDFC Bank locations.

Through its correspondent arrangement, HDFC Bank issues drafts at more than 11,000 locations.

Features include:

  • Option to forward data in soft copy in a secure environment
  • New age data transfer facility i.e. file transfer through HDFC Bank ENet Banking
  • Quick & easy data transferability from your office to HDFC Bank
  • Multiple payment instructions through one file
  • Exclusive advice template with maximum coverage of details
  • Bulk upload option for quick and error-free delivery
  • Payment instrument to include payment details
  • Facility to mail to beneficiary directly. The committed courier turnaround time enables you to make payments as close as possible to the payment date - resulting in additional cost savings
  • Value-added MIS & exclusive report
  • One-stop dedicated Service Desk at our Centralised Cash Management Operations Unit for prompt attention to your queries
  • Extensive coverage of pay order printing at over 800 locations.
  • Get status of paid and unpaid DDs at HDFC Bank location on a case to case basis