Benefits To The Corporate

Extensive benefits for multi-location Corporations

Benefits To The Corporate

The HDFC Bank CMS Advantage

Outstation fund collections and payments is time consuming and expensive for multi-location organizations.

HDFC Bank offers a comprehensive range of collections and payment solutions to meet your needs and put you in control of your cash position.

HDFC Bank’s Cash Management Services will help you to:

Lower Interest Costs

Receive funds in your main (concentration) account with the bank with a minimum transit time and reduce interest costs.

Improve liquidity

Saving on transit time leads to faster cheque realization and better liquidity

Better Accounting and Reconciliations

Get detailed information on cheques deposited daily or weekly. Or request a customised MIS to meet your needs.

Achieve Overall Operational Convenience

Conveniently run banking operations through a central treasury and better manage your cash positions. Exercise better control over different business segments. You can get the benefits of our collection services by opening a Current Account with HDFC Bank.


Experience a real-time online banking on E-Net with your CMS account. E-Net is an Internet-based platform that allows you to view current account balances, download statements, view CMS collections and make payments online.