Secured Cattle Finance


Under Secured Cattle Finance, Term Loan is given to dairy farmers for purchase of Milch cattle basis recommendation / guarantee from dairy Societies / Pvt dairy companies. Loans are given basis credit history of milk payments in the a/c of farmers or Milk receipts issued by the Dairy societies / Pvt Dairy companies.

Key features –


  • Individual Dairy Farmer in 18-60 Yrs age bracket.

  • Farmer should have existing 2 cattle, with average annual milk collection of Rs. 80,000 for 2 cattle during last year.

  • Funding Ratio for existing to new cattle should be 1:1

  • Residence stability of 2 years

  • Co-applicant Mandatory. In case applicant is married, it is mandatory to take spouse as a co applicant.

  • Min Land holding of 0.5 acre required in the name of applicant or family member

  • For Landless Farmer total loan amount is capped at Rs 2 lac per farmer


  • Cattle Insurance to be taken mandatorily for all the funded Cattle

  • Cattle Insurance to be taken for complete Loan tenure

Security: Hypothecation of Cattle

Farmer Documentation

  • Applicant, Co-applicant and Guarantor KYC (Aadhar mandatory)

  • Last 1-year milk statement from society/ Bank statement where milk payment is credited (Applicant/Co-applicant.)

  • Copy of Land ownership record of Applicant / Co-applicant.

  • Passport size photograph of Applicant, co-applicant and guarantor

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