HDFC Bank, a prominent lender in the dairy sector has launched the all new digital Cattle Loan to reach out to the underbanked and unbanked locations by partnering with a leading organisation,
​​​​​​​Digivriddhi Technologies (DGV), as a Fintech Partner and Business Correspondent (BC) partner. Digivriddhi Technologies, India’s first integrated dairy fintech and marketplace platform, acts as one-stop platform for dairy farmers in India which:

  • Brings a unique range of payments solutions for the dairy value chain (DGV Pay)
  • Gives access to digital Cattle Loan for Dairy societies and farmers (DGV Money).

Here are HDFC Bank product offerings: HDFC Bank through its BC channel will offer regular banking services to its digital Cattle Loan customers along with transactional facilities.

Transactions through BC point micro ATM –

  (i) Aadhar Transaction- Cash Withdrawal, Cash Deposit, Balance Inquiry, Mini Statement, Funds
​​​​​​​      Transfer.

  (ii) Card + Pin Transactions -Cash Withdrawal, Cash Deposit, Balance Inquiry, Mini Statement, Funds
​​​​​​​       Transfer, Pin Change, Green Pin

  •  Asset Sourcing- Cattle Loans
  • Liability Sourcing- Savings Account, Current Account
  • Sourcing of Social Security Schemes- PMJJBY, PMSBY

  Here are the host of features for digital Cattle Loan: One-step hassle-free Cattle Loan!

HDFC Bank will provide its digital Cattle Loan and other services through DGV’s platform.

  • Quick and cost-effective digital Cattle Loan process.
  • Smoother digital loan processing through the DGV loan origination system with zero paper work.
  • Robust loan underwriting based on farmer’s milk productivity track record.
  • You can get loan amounts of as little as ₹60,000 upto ₹3 lakhs with easy repayment.

· Easy accessibility to DGV BC office, to ensure access to digital Cattle Loan opportunities to interested
  members of dairy societies.