Trade Finance Services

Extend your bank’s footprint and service portfolio

Trade Finance Services

About Trade Finance Services

Enhance your co-operative bank’s product offerings with HDFC Bank’s trade finance services.

Access a variety of services designed especially for co-operative banks to offer your customers additional services, and increase revenues for your business.

While your existing customers benefit from a wider of range of services and a superior experience, your bank has the opportunity to diversify the base of potential customers with a improved product range.

Import And Export Services

Expand your services to exporters and importers with the collection of export bills and import collection documents.

Enjoy quicker inward remittances in various foreign currencies through HDFC Bank’s network of correspondent banks around the world.

Collect and quickly realise foreign currency instruments across currencies, thanks to our relationship with leading overseas banks. Get immediate direct credits to your account and pass on the benefit to your customers, whether it is collecting cheques, drafts, travellers cheques or money orders from around the world.

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