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About Sub-Membership

HDFC is a sub-member bank for many services such as the RBI Clearing House, RTGS, ATM and Aadhaar-based banking. It can act as a sponsor and extend these services to cooperative, private and foreign banks who do not wish to invest in a direct membership.

Clearing Sub-Membership

HDFC Bank is a direct member of the RBI clearing house. We act as the sponsor bank of co-operative, private and foreign banks, which are not direct members of the RBI clearing house. We professionally deal with the entire clearing and settlement processes for sub-member banks.

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RTGS Sub-Membership

RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement) is an electronic system for transfer of funds between banks. HDFC Bank is one of the pioneer banks for RTGS in India. With its advanced technology and network, the bank is well positioned to be your sponsor bank for RTGS sub-membership if you do not wish to become a Direct RTGS member with RBI. Becoming a sub-member saves you the capital expenditure and recurring expenses.

ATM Tie-Ups

HDFC Bank has 17,747 ATMs across the country. We can extend the usage of our ATMs for our correspondent banking tie-ups.

Aadhaar Sub-Membership

Sub-member banks become part of NPCI's payment system through the Aadhaar number. Beneficiaries will receive government scheme disbursements and subsidies like NREGA payments, Social Security Pension, Handicapped and Old Age Pension, etc. of Central and State Government bodies.