Payment Services

Make faster disbursements to investors

Payment Services

About Payment Services for Mutual Funds

Improve the speed and efficiency of your disbursements with HDFC Bank’s specialised payment services for mutual funds. Easily pay redemptions, distribute dividends and make brokerage payments through a variety of methods, including payable- at-par cheques, bulk disbursements, high-value payouts and direct credits.

Wide range of services

Manage your payment distribution efficiently with our range of services, including:

Payable-at-par cheques

Make payments easily and cost-effectively at any HDFC Bank location with payable-at-par cheques. If your mutual fund requires wider coverage for dividend or redemption payments, we can offer that through our correspondent bank network.

Bulk Disbursements

Issue a large volume of drafts in a short time at competitive rates at any HDFC Bank location or a location covered by our correspondent banks.

High-value payout

Issue high-value pay orders for redemption of liquid schemes at specified HDFC Bank locations

Direct credits

Provide your investors the benefit of direct credits of dividend or redemption proceeds to their HDFC Bank accounts.

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