Derivatives Desk

Currency and interest rate risk management solutions

Derivatives Desk

About Derivatives Desk

Actively mitigate your currency and interest rate risks with HDFC Bank’s Derivatives Desk.

Meet your risk management objectives with a range of plain vanilla or exotic derivatives, including second generation exotics.

Benefit from our expertise and broad portfolio of products, including interest rate swaps, caps, floors, short-dated and long-dated currency options, cross currency swaps embedded with options and swaptions.

Exceptional Expertise In Rupees Derivatives Market

The HDFC Bank Derivatives Desk has earned a stellar reputation for its rupee derivatives operations

We are one of the most aggressive players in this segment of the market. The desk leverages the bank’s large balance sheet and market presence to provide customers a unique advantage in rupee derivatives. We meet our customer’s needs with active market marking and trading.

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