Collection Of Documents

Comprehensive document collection for quicker cash flows

Collection Of Documents

About Collection Of Documents Services

Enjoy faster receipts of funds thanks to our dedicated trade finance set-up and extensive network of correspondent banks. Save administrative costs with our local and international bill collection facilities. Breathe easy as we handle the rest, from dispatch of clean and LC-backed bills, to cheque processing, to crediting your account. Enjoy speedy processing on collection of bills, including bills under LC.


Whether you are an importer or exporter, benefit from our ability to handle large-volume collection portfolios and our correspondent banking arrangements with more than 4,729 banks worldwide.

Additionally give your business the competitive edge with updated information through customised solutions. These include credit reports of overseas parties, expert advice on international trade, RBI reporting, international trade-related developments and support for Enterprise Content Management (ECM).

Improve your organization’s productivity with access to our user-friendly MIS designed to suit your specific business requirements.

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