Supply Chain Management

Simplify collection & payment processes

Supply Chain Management

About Supply Chain Management

Simplify your collections and payments processes with HDFC Bank’s Supply Chain Management Solutions. Our end-to-end e-commerce solutions automate collections from dealers and payments to suppliers, leading to greater operational efficiency and reduced costs. You can integrate these solutions on your website or use the HDFC Bank Enet platform to enable this.


Seamless transfers and payments

Improve your cash flows with a seamless transfer of funds and faster collections and payments. Our Supply Chain Management solutions bring in high levels of automation that help you drive down order processing costs and speed up delivery of products and services. This in turn helps you shorten your working capital cycles.

Up-to-date information on transactions

Integrate your ERP with our system and get access to rich and real-time information on your payments and collections. This will allow you to take better informed decisions about your supply chain.