Seamless and secure B2B payments online


About B2B Payment Gateway Services

Enable seamless B2B payments on your portal with HDFC Bank’s payment gateway EPI. Create an additional revenue stream by facilitating round-the-clock sale of goods and services online.

Over 15 leading B2B portals such as VSNL, Sifymall and Fabmart have successfully implemented our highly secure and scalable solution.

Your portal can benefit from our customised solutions and enjoy additional services such as integration of your organisation’s SCM module, set-up of escrow accounts and more.


Reduced Time

Minimise delays due to cheque processing and paperwork and receive funds for goods purchased instantly. Get seamless transfer to your linked HDFC Bank account. Enjoy single-point access to funds position and accounts statement and an automated reconciliation process.

Enhanced Efficiency

Improve productivity and reduce the need for mid- and back-office operations thanks to online funds confirmation and straight-through processing.

Secure Infrastructure

Enjoy the benefits of our state-of-the-art technology with the highest levels of security (128-bit encryption and SET certification for digital signature) and complete backend support.

Our customers get round-the-clock maintenance with efficient back-up and dedicated help desks to troubleshoot and resolve queries.

Clients and the banks have no access to the portal database so your information is confidential and secure.

Payment Gateway : EPI

  • External Interface (Through Browser) with External Entity (B2B Portal).
  • Online, Real-time settlement of funds
  • Portal credited Instantaneously
  • Customer's a/c reflects Desirable Narration


Portal & Payment Gateway: Handshake

  • We study the Portal's
  • Business Module
  • Database Management
  • Technology Platform
  • Firewall and Security Systems
  • Our IT / Product Development Group discuss the issues with portal team
  • Together We chalk out a roadmap
  • We do the testing of Dr / Cr. and reconciliation
  • After successful tests we Provide "Pay Button"
  • Finalise service / maintenance issues


Basic Requirements : The Portal

  • Signs off an agreement with HDFC Bank
  • Is allocated a Specific Identity Code
  • Opens a Specific Account for credit of funds
  • Builds Logic for exchange of URLs between the HDFC Bank and Itself

Basic Requirements : The Client

  • Opens (If not already has) a/c with HDFC Bank
  • Signs on with HDFC Bank as EPI User
  • Maintains clear funds for all portal payments
  • Can't reverse the "once authorised" transaction
  • Can't part pay for the goods / services ordered (allowed if it is pre-defined)
  • Can cancel the transaction before authorising
  • Taxes on Wealth
  • Gift Tax (since abolished)


System Features

  • Client has no access to Portal Database
  • Client has no access to Portal Data maintained with the bank
  • Bank has no access to the Portal Database
  • User log-in screen can be customised to display Portal name and features


Other Features

  • Earmarking of funds
  • Value Dating
  • Escrow Accounts
  • Integration of SCM module


The Payment Gateway Module will perform the following validations

  • Reject if invalid Internet customer id/password.
  • Reject if insufficient funds in account selected by the customer to make the corresponding purchase.


The Payment Gateway provides the following advantages to the client:

  • An User-friendly Interface
  • An Efficient Funds Transfer Mechanism
  • Facilitates Purchase of Goods online, round the clock
  • Instant access to Funds Position and Account Statement
  • HDFC + a/c facility --- added facilities given by the bank to the customer

The Payment Gateway provides the following advantages to the portal:

  • Instant and Assured Funds
  • Online Funds Confirmation
  • Real Time Risk Management
  • Straight Through Processing
  • Automated Reconciliation Process
  • Reduction in Mid/Back-Office Operations


Additional utility to the portal:

  • Third Party Funds Transfer Through Net
  • Opportunity to use Bank's Supply Chain Management (SCM) product for a synergy with suppliers / sellers
  • Account Access Through Net for complete MIS
  • Synergy between goodwill of your prominent B2B portal and the Bank: A winning combination.