Religious offerings

The foundation stone of this temple was laid by Maharaja Udaybhan Singh on 26th March, 1933, under the guidance of eminent scholar Pandit Vishwanath Shastri with 101 other scholars. The idol was laid with proper rites and rituals. The concluding ceremony of this Yajya was performed by Swami Keshwa NandJi whose abode was on the mountains of Himalaya.

In the presence of Seth Jugal Kishore Birla, Mahatma Gandhi - our Father of the Nation - inaugurated the temple on 18th of March, 1939. Birla Temple is the perfect example of the great Indian culture. Birla Mandir will always stand as the epoch of Sanatan Dharma. Hence, the whole world is bound to be attracted to this temple that is located in the heart of India. The temple is built with specifications from the ancient Indian sculpture. It is built in 'Nagar Shailee' the style prevalent in northern India. The structural beauty of the temple amazes one, time and gain.

We bow before the idols of Gods and Goddesses of this magnificent temple as well as salute Raja Baldeo Das Birla and his elder son Jugal Kishor Birlaji who have made this dream a reality.

In the Temple there are idols of Lord Lakshmi Narayan, Maa Durga, Lord Shiva, Lord Ganesha, Hanumanjee and Lord Krishna holding the Chakra in His hand.

Shree Lakshmi Narayan Temple New Delhi

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