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Important message for Savings account customers Please make note of the following changes:

  • As per RBI mandate, Savings Bank interest will be calculated on the daily balances maintained in your account, at a rate of interest as specified by RBI from time to time (existing rate is 4% p.a.).
  • The Savings Bank interest will be paid at half yearly intervals on 30th September & 31st March each year.

Savings Account

Our Non-Resident Savings Account lets you save your money in Indian currency.
With full repatriationTransferring money from India to foreign country for the interest earned and no tax liability, our Savings Account are the ideal way to grow your capital while abroad.
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Current Account

An ideal tool to park your Indian currency earnings back home, our NRI Current Accounts ensure that you can conduct transactions easily on a daily basis. With No tax liabilities and full repatriation for your funds, HDFC Bank Current Accounts cater to all your needs as a Non-Resident Indian.

Fixed Deposits

Our Fixed Deposits allow you to make productive use of your earnings in Indian currency. Along with the easy repatriation, reduced tax liabilities, HDFC Bank Fixed Deposits include unique facilities of Super Saver and Sweep-In, which offer you dual advantages or take care of any deficit in the Savings or Current Account linked with the Deposit.

Foreign Currency Deposits

Protect yourself from exchange rate risks and ensure great returns on your foreign currency earnings right here in India. Our Foreign Currency Deposits are available in 6 different currencies, protecting you from exchange rate fluctuations. You can book a Deposit for a minimum of 1 year to a maximum of 5 years while enjoying the advantage of full repatriationTransferring money from India to foreign country for your funds.

FCNR Deposits         RupeeMax

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Accounts for Returning Indians

As the name suggests, these accounts are specific to the needs of Non-Resident Indians who are staying in India on a temporary basis and looking for an ideal instrument for their money in India. Also, you enjoy the flexibility of withdrawing cash from your account in Indian rupees even as the account is held in foreign currency.

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